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All Ozzy Osbourne Concerts Cancelled!! Rockstar Hospitalized After Suffering SERIOUS Injury

2019 was to be a great year for rock enthusiasts, or so did Ozzy Osbourne think. The English vocalist had a string of shows lined up this year, but it seems that his plans will not come to fruition, much to the dismay of his fans.

However, there will be no public lynching, as the star has legitimate reasons for canceling his tour in its entirety. The year started on a poor note, with Ozzy postponing several of his earlier planned shows. Apparently, things have gone from bad to worse – the artist will now not perform for the rest of the year.

Presenting Ozzy Osbourne, the self-proclaimed Rock King


According to an official statement released by Osbourne’s team, the undoubtedly talented rock star needs some personal time to recover from injuries he sustained recently. Given his age (Osbourne is 70), no one can begrudge him for being extra cautious about his health.

While recuperating from pneumonia at his home in Los Angeles, the rock king (as he often refers to himself) suffered a dangerous fall, aggravating injuries from the 2003 accident. Back then, Osbourne narrowly escaped death after being the unfortunate victim of a severe accident riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) in his Buckinghamshire estate.

Black Sabbath – Osbourne’s Band in the sixties

He broke several ribs — eight to be exact — including his collarbone, and a neck vertebra, and even had to undergo an emergency surgery. There was also some internal bleeding, and the then 55-year-old had to spend some time in the ICU. Luckily for him and all of his fans, he survived the scare and was back on his feet in no time.

Following that recent fall, surgery became imminent for the rock star once again, and the 70-year-old now needs ample time for post-op recovery. Going by the released statement, the tone of disappointment was evident, with Osbourne feeling sorry that he had to reschedule tour dates. In fact, he was depressed, angry, and frustrated at the fact. But when your body is not up for it, what can you do?

Love and Good Thoughts

However, the artist was appreciative of the constant support from his family, members of his band, other friends, and most definitely, his fans. Without a doubt, the love and good thoughts he receives will aid him a lot on his healing journey. Through the statement, Osbourne promised that he will be back to ensure that the planned tour doesn’t fizzle into nothingness.

Ozzy Osbourne with his supportive wife, Sharon Osbourne

In February, Osbourne postponed his first four concerts due to health concerns. A visit to the doctor shed more light on his condition, and the professional was wary of the singer straining his body with extensive travel and even more stressful performances. The diagnosis was a respiratory tract infection which the doctor feared would progress to pneumonia given that Osbourne would be on tour even during winter.

These first four concerts were to be in Europe, with the rest scheduled for Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. These too, unfortunately, had to be axed.

Lately, and unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne has been a frequent hospital visitor. In October, a staphylococcus infection on his right hand caused it to swell, and he had to see a doctor to have the infection cleaned out. Still, all we can do is hope that he fully recovers and is able to go on his final tour, as farewell to his fans.

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