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The Brightest Stars Of The ’80s: Try Not To Gasp When You See What They Look Like Today

Ah, the ’80s! The era of bad perms, mullets, double denim, and some huge stars! Have you ever wondered what happened to the teen idols of way back then? Did they continue acting and making music or did they disappear into drug addiction and rehab facilities? The following stars all gained huge amounts of money in the ’80s, but what happened to them afterwards? Find out here who managed to continue their winning streak and who fell into oblivion. A million dollar savings account may seem like the solution to all your problems, but it takes more than good health insurance and a financial advisor to really win at life in Hollywood. Read all about the winners (and losers) of the fame game here!


Click ‘next’ to find out if your teen idol still looks as dreamy now as they did back then! And who succumbed to an alcohol addiction? Find out now!

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