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Amy Schumer Cancels Comedy Tour Due to a SERIOUS Pregnancy Complication

Fans of Amy Schumer are worrying that she is going through a serious health crisis. The actress and comedian is pregnant and on top of that, she suffers from complications due to her acute sickness, hyperemesis. Schumer has been forced to cancel the rest of her tour due to her health scare. She is in her third trimester and is struggling to live a normal life because of her ailment. Hyperemesis is a medical condition that causes severe morning sickness for women in their final months of pregnancy.

The 37-year-old actress and husband, Chris Fischer are expecting their first child this year, and the two are overjoyed to start their own family soon. Schumer revealed that she cannot fly in her third trimester because of the complications with her pregnancy that have forced her to rest at home. She apologized to her fans for the cancelled tour and told them to get refunds from the official website.

The ‘Trainwreck’ star revealed that she needs to stay healthy for her child by staying at home. So far, the Mother and baby are doing great despite her nauseous state. She gets nauseous all the time and can’t spend more than five minutes in a car.

Some days she is lucky to feel good for a few hours but the condition makes her life difficult for the most part. She hates disappointing her fans but right now, she requires bed rest and medical attention. The actress will be out of this situation very soon and will plan something to make up for this tour cancellation.

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