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Health Coaches Can Play a Significant Role In The Life of Diabetics

Diabetes continues to remain a major cause of global healthcare concern. However, the UAE is an important case study in this respect as the government has taken numerous steps to tackle the disease. According to figures reported by the WHO, diabetes continues to plague the UAE citizens as the number of people who are suffering from the disease has reached around 19%, with 30% lying someone on the borderline of contracting the disease.

19% diabetic and 30% diabetic identified by the WHO in the UAE alones

However, not all hope is lost for those who are already suffering from it, and also those who are at risk of contracting it. Here are a few easy ways which can help you deal with your diabetes related issues.

It’s All About Time

Diabetes is not like other chronic illnesses which are curable, and also unlike those which are not. Neither does it lead to the death of a person (although it does somewhat place additional risks on a person’s health), nor can it be cured 100%. The only thing which can be done is to tackle the issues at the very core which led to you getting diabetes in the first place.

This is why when you visit your physician at the hospital to get advice on how to treat your issue, he or she will not be able to help you instantaneously, as a comprehensive assessment of the root causes pertaining to your lifestyle would need to be made in order to identify the weak points which have prompted the activation of diabetes within your system.

That is why you will only get very generic form of advice from a doctor upon your first visit on the changes you can make to control its impact, and this is exactly where a health coach can offer some additional help.

While a doctor can offer professional advice, it’s generic and not tailor-made for your needs like the one which could be given by a health coach

A health coach is much better positioned to spend some time with you in order to make an accurate and in-depth analysis about the kind of lifestyle you live, highlighting the weak areas which need to be addressed. This makes health coaches a much better resource who can help you achieve your diabetes management goals, ensuring you maintain a lifestyle whereby you don’t even realize you have diabetes in the first place (yes, that’s entirely possible to achieve).

Conviction is the Key

Just like it’s difficult for smokers to quit smoking, similarly it is difficult for those suffering from diabetes to control their decades-old habits. It is not a question about whether somebody wants to change or not, of course if you have sought the services of a doctor or a health coach, clearly you want to treat your condition and make improvements to your health. What’s lacking is conviction, and your general physician cannot help you with that because he or she simply does not share that kind of a relationship with you to offer personal advice or motivation to commit to a significant lifestyle change.

This is again where a health coach can play a significant role. Not only is a health coach able to develop a solid relationship with you due to availability of time, but he or she also comes with a solid background in healthcare to offer advice which is specifically targeted and tailor-made for you.

When a health coach offers advice on making changes to your lifestyle, you know they are basing their advice on past experiences, personal knowledge, and insight into your lifestyle, which obviously gives a lot of credibility and weightage to whatever they’re saying. They also conduct regular follow-ups to ensure their clients are adhering to the changes, offering more incentive and motivation for you to stick to the objective.

Support is Needed

Lastly, a health coach has the capacity to remain there for you whenever you need their advice, even on good healthy recipes or the development of an exercise plan to fit your hectic schedule. This means that any health-related issues you may have, you can revert them to your health coach and he or she will offer you advice on how you can overcome them. When dealing with diabetes, you would be disallowed certain kinds of foods, so a health coach can help you find alternatives for that as well.

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