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Jessica Simpson Just Gave Birth to a Girl and We Can’t Get Over Her Adorable Name!

Jessica Simpson’s latest pregnancy had been anything but a bed of roses, and her delivery wasn’t a smooth process either. However, the actress cum entrepreneur is more than happy to welcome her newborn daughter Birdie Mae into the world, judging from her last Instagram post where she revealed that she couldn’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy.

Newest mommy in town, Jessica Simpson with husband Eric Johnson

Simpson delivered her third child on March 19 through caesarian section after what had been a tumultuous pregnancy. Over the past nine months, she had fallen ill several times battling bronchitis, swollen feet, and back pain brought on by sciatica.

All Troubles to the Left

With Birdie now safely in her arms, however, you can bet that she’s left all her woes behind. According to a source close to Simpson’s family, her goal at the moment is to heal from her C-section. The insider says that Jessica maintains a positive attitude and is focused on getting better for her little bundle of joy and the rest of her family.

Naturally, her first and second born kids were just as excited as their mom to have another member of their family brought on board. According to the same source, Maxwell Drew (six-and-a-half-year-old daughter) and Ace Knute (five-and-a-half-year-old son) were doting over Birdie. Mom was also pretty elated for having a second daughter.

Maxi, the firstborn, had hitherto been colloquially teased as the family’s biggest baby, having been born weighing 9lbs., but then Birdie arrived with a bang, weighing in at 10lbs., beating Maxi’s record. But we’re sure that Max doesn’t mind losing the title to her little sister. All we know is that she adores baby Birdie, and so does Ace. The whole family is just bursting with joy, including dad Eric Johnson, formerly a player on NFL.

Pregnancy Complications? No Problem

Another source, talking to PEOPLE, revealed that despite the hectic pregnancy, Johnson was always there for his wife, tending to her every need. Jessica, on the other hand, always wanted to play an active role for her family, so she pushed herself and put her health on the line to give Maxwell and Ace another sibling.

Eric and Jessica already share two children, Maxwell and Ace

According to this same source, she is fascinated by the idea of a big family and loves playing mom and taking care of everything and everyone. Though complications plagued her pregnancy, she was always ready to volunteer for various activities in her kids’ school.

The source, who’s Jessica’s close friend, says that the actress has been in the best of moods ever since giving birth. Little Birdie is in great health, and nothing could make the new mom happier. When the rest of her family visited her in the hospital, you can already guess that everyone was all smiles to meet the bundle of joy.

The new mum has been very open about her pregnancy struggles, even posting a picture of her swollen foot on Instagram

Of course (you’ll know this if you’ve been keeping up with Jessica’s pregnancy journey), the actress and designer announced Birdie’s arrival via Instagram. Posting a blackened out photo of Birdie clasping her tiny fingers onto Maxwell, Jessica announced that along with her family, they were happy to share their good news with the world.

Just recently, Jessica’s baby shower went down in grand fashion, themed “Birdie’s Nest.” Both mother and daughter are now home, healthier and happier than ever.

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