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Myths About Treatment of Cancer: Are They True?

Cancer is a disease in which cells grow abnormally and spread to various parts of the body. There have been numerous surgical advancements in the treatment of cancer to remove its impact completely from the body, but most treatment methods are prolonged and painful.

There are many myths about the treatment of cancer which are believed to be true by majority of people as they promise an easy way out of the fatal disease. Let’s assess some of them to see whether they are true or not.

Cancer is a disease in which cells grow abnormally and spread to various parts of the body

You Can Beat Cancer with a Positive Attitude

Many people believe that one can beat cancer by affirmation and reinforcement of positive behavior and attitude. In reality this is not true at all. Considering the nature of this disease, you cannot beat its impact on your body through positive attitude.

However positive attitude and behavior could help you get through the process of treatment which is painful in various aspects. Keeping your spirit up, meeting with friends and family, and maintaining your social activities will provide you strength and feeling of well-being during your treatment of this deadly disease.

The Cure of Cancer Should Have Been Found By Now

Despite the fact that there are have been many advancements and research carried out for finding the cure of this disease, cancer is still spreading at a very fast pace throughout the world. The number of patients affected by this disease is increasing significantly, especially in developed countries.

It is because of the changes in lifestyle, increase in trend of smoking, increase in use of alcohol, and use of processed food that this disease is occurring at a relatively greater pace than in the past.

The number of patients affected by cancer is increasing significantly, especially in developed countries

Cancer is a group of diseases with more than 100 types of cancers affecting human beings. There are many factors which contribute to its occurrence, and there are many types of treatments which are required for the cure of this disease. Other than the most common one called chemotherapy, a cancer patient may have to undergo radio therapy treatment, targeted therapy, or surgical removal of cancerous cells.

Despite these treatments, it is possible that the cancer is not entirely removed from the body because cancer cells stop responding to the treatment after some time. Some types of cancer cells have the ability to mutate themselves, and researchers are still baffled about the cause of this mutation. Therefore, believing that cancer cure should have been found by now is merely a myth and does not hold any truth.

Not Promoting Innovative Cancer Treatments

According to statistics, in the year 2015, almost 90 million people had cancer. Continuous research is carried out by pharmaceutical companies to find the cure to this widespread disease. However, every new medicine cannot be made available in market unless there is clear proof to its effectiveness in treatment of cancer.

It is believed that the FDA as well as the pharmaceutical companies do not want to promote new medicines for treatment of cancer because of their profitability agendas. If these new medicines are made available in the market then cancer treatment would become less costly.

According to statistics, in the year 2015, almost 90 million people had cancer

The truth is that continuous research is carried out in various institutions for finding a cure of this disease, but as it is very complex in nature, therefore any new treatment takes substantial period of time before its approval by relevant authorities.

New treatment is first tested on a sample population and its results are observed over a considerable period of time. When the results are satisfactory, only then the new treatment is approved and made available in market.

Detect the Cancer in Early Stages

As there are more than 100 types of cancers which can affect human body, therefore all types of cancers cannot be detected in regular medical checkups. Routine medical checkups can increase your probability of detecting some types of cancers which have obvious symptoms associated with them.

For example, sudden weight loss, non-stop coughing, appearance of any lump, unexplained bleeding or sudden changes in bowel movements may indicate the need for further tests to detect cancer in its infancy. Breast cancer, lung cancer, cervix or rectum cancer can usually be spotted on thorough routine medical checkups.

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