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Selma Blair Determined to Beat Her Multiple Sclerosis for This Heartwarming Reason

Selma Blair has lived with undiagnosed Multiple Sclerosis symptoms for quite a while, with the diagnosis only being confirmed last year in August.

For a decade, she had visited different doctors explaining her condition, but no one had ever been convinced that it was anything serious. You can only imagine for how long she suffered, to a point of receiving news of the diagnosis with a sigh of relief.

Ever since the diagnosis, Blair always has a cane on her

In as much as the revelation was that she was suffering from an incurable disease, she was finally able to know what was ailing her. And with that knowledge, she could work towards improving her quality of life. You never can solve a problem you don’t know exists, can you?

Since then, Selma Blair has been out and about, cane in hand, and we are quite sure that she’s taking the best care of herself. And as she attended the MS gala last month (Race to Erase), she revealed why she is determined to beat the disease and live as normally as possible.

Mom’s Date

According to the actress, her son Arthur, born in 2011, is her whole world. She even brought him with her as her date to the event, and the two rocked the red carpet for some mother-son photographs. Blair looked stunning in a custom-made tuxedo by Christian Siriano, with a black cane completing the look.

Selma made a spectacular entrance at the MS Gala with her son

The mother-of-one was being honored at the gala, and she took the opportunity while on stage to admit that her son is her motivation and the reason for everything she does. She also admitted to her fears, noting that her diagnosis means she will undoubtedly fail at some point.


Luckily for her, she says, she has just the right people to fall back on. By this, she means her son and her longtime friend Sarah Michelle Gellar, together with Robin Roberts, another close friend. These two fall-bearers spoke at the event, and you could tell that they’ll always support the actress.

At 46, Salma Blair has had quite the career. In her speech, she thanked Roger Kumble, her costar on Cruel Intentions, for being one of the champions in her life. Kumble doubled up in a director’s role for the film, and Blair thanks him for helping her land the job.

As she put it, there were far more eligible people who were after the same role, but Roger saw her as the perfect fit. Along with her strength and will, coupled with a bit of push from Sarah, Blair got the job.

She had nothing but praise for Sarah, saying that she fought her battles then, and she’s still helping her fight on. Thanks to her, Blair’s battle with MS is much more bearable.

Blair is indeed a wonderful mom who wants the best for her kids despite her illness

Just about to wind up, the actress picked up her son and told her audience that though she may be plagued with MS, her hope is to ever be there whenever Arthur needs her. To her, being a useful mom is a dream she hopes comes true.

She even felt confident to conclude with a joke, saying that it would only be a year till Arthur felt no need of her, sending her audience into a hearty laugh.

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