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40 Epic Ways People Quit Their Jobs

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had jobs that we really hated and needed to get out of real fast. Some of us stayed as long as we could bear it because we needed our paychecks but for some quitting was the only option. The only thing is, these people simply didn’t hand in a resignation letter or just spoke to their boss – they quit their jobs in epic style.

 1. Quits On Live TV – Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene was a TV news anchor in Anchorage Alaska. Greene was head of the Alaska Cannabis Club and fought for the rights to decriminalize the use of marijuana in her state. She also wanted to help prisoners who were convicted for possession of marijuana to be released from jail. When she stepped on the air in September 2014, she opted to do a story for legalizing marijuana for her local news program. Then moments after the show, while still on the air, she stated: “…And as for this job, I quit,” and simply walked off the camera leaving her co-anchor on the other side stunned and expressing apologies. Obviously, Charlo was in a position where she was frustrated and had had enough of whatever issues were going on in her job. This stunned the public who were watching and Charlo will certainly not be forgotten easily.

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