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Celebrity Kids And Their Parents At The Same Age

Celebrities are idolized the world over and most of them have worked incredibly hard to amass their fame and fortune. Then there are the children of celebrities. Now we’re not saying that they are given all of life’s best opportunities simply because they are born into a celebrity household, but let’s face it, they kind of do! Whether it’s a child who has gone through an adoption agency to end up with the likes of Angelina Jolie or a happy family home who have conceived, the end result is a child who has the world on a plate. We thought we’d delve a little deeper into the world of celebrity parents and enviously read on as we wish Will Smith was our dad.

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Ricky Nelson & Tracy Nelson In Their 20s

Tracy Nelson is one proof that talent must be intertwined with genetics! Tracy is a popular actress with a career that spans almost fifty years since she started acting at the age of four opposite Henry Fonda. Tracy is still active to date, both in films as well as TV, at her 54 years of age. Well, how could she not be without the suitable creative genes since she comes from a family of famed artists? Her father was the rock icon Ricky Nelson and her grandparents were actors just like their parents who started as vaudeville performers! In 2018, Tracy portrayed Theda Bara, on As Long As I Am Famous.


Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson At Age 25

If we were writing about acting legends, then Goldie Hawn would definitely be on that list. Goldie maintained a successful career for over 30 years before taking a break from Hollywood. She married fellow actor Kurt Russell and has three children. One of those is Kate Hudson, an actress, and beauty who clearly takes after her mother in regards to looks and acting chops. Kate has starred in multiple movies and even won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award For Favorite Female – Newcomer award for her role in Almost Famous. She was married to Chris Robinson but had to get the divorce lawyers involved 6 years later. Goldie Hawn has never shared screen time with her daughter and reports suggest she never will as she refuses to do so. We’re sure they’ll do just fine without working together on a movie.

Our next mother and daughter duo will never have the opportunity to work together…

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