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Top Premier League Instagram Accounts To Follow

The Premier League is filled with compelling athletes who have extensive interests and oftentimes off-tone fashion sense. These things don’t probably enter your mind when you’re watching elite football players on the field, but there’s so much more besides playing football for these guys.

Luckily, Social Media apps and sites like Instagram exist to serve as a platform for these players to showcase their unique personality and style. Isn’t this the best era to be a sports fanatic?! Now, we’ll give you the best and the brightest Premier League athletes that you should definitely follow on Instagram this 2019!

Michy Batshuayi – Chelsea

Not a lot of players on the field of football can pull off wearing SpongeBob shorts while traveling in a luxury car, a Lamborghini to be exact. But Michy Batshuayi is precisely that kind of athlete. The Chelsea striker has got to be one of the Premier League’s most incredible personalities with all his shenanigans.

Michy’s current 2.3 million followers on Instagram is proof of how beloved this Belgian athlete is. Nicknamed as Batsman, the 25-year-old’s personality truly shines through in the stills of his games and matches posted on his account. Trust us, you’d want to see just how expressive this dude is!

Follow Michy: @mbatshuayi

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