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6 Awesome Things That Will Prove Your Husband is Amazing

Our lifetime partners can be the best gift ever, yet it is clear that each individual varies from one another regardless the genes and the hormones each has.

It’s inevitable that sometimes our marriage can experience challenges, and struggles that will test their union and faith. Hence, when this happens, we need to pause for a while and come to appreciate each other in many things we can do for the family. As to the wives, let’s try to revive the “feelings” by seeing our man just the way we used to when we first said “Yes” and “I do” to them.

With that in mind, we pull off some of the awesome things that will confirm we’ve got the best husbands ever. Check them now and be thankful for the kind of guy you married.

He treats you as his queen

husband and wife 2Being the king of the house, you expect your hubby to make you his one and only queen. Aside from remaining loyal to you, by all means, he sees to it that he keeps on winning your heart.

It’s like courting you day by day, not missing a chance to make you feel loved and secure. He always makes sure of your safety and sees you and the kids as his priority. You should also not overlook his thoughtfulness and tender loving care expressed even in the very least things. Sometimes, these can be the sweetest.

He brings laughter to your home

Who wouldn’t fall in love over and over to a man with a sense of humor? You’re surely one lucky gal if your hubby exactly knows how to be silly and funny at the right time.

Get thrilled and laugh hard every time he cracks a lame joke or does the funniest facial expressions just to make you smile. It’s always priceless to know that he is the happiest man alive whenever he catches you smiling and laughing out loud.

He does random acts of kindness

husband and wife 4It can be as simple as helping you do the laundry or washing the dishes when you fell asleep because you’re not feeling well. Or for some it’s like putting down the toilet seat, squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom and not at the top, putting the trash bin outside the house before he goes to bed, fetching the kids, pampering you with a gentle massage after a tiring day, and many others.

Throwing a kiss on your forehead or giving you a tight a hug for no reason at all can likewise be his simple ways of letting you know that he loves and cares for you more than you feel he does.

He gets his hands dirty

Whether he does his share in the household chores or works hard to provide for the family, his commitment to his vow of being a good provider has been really admirable.

Do you know that according to a research, couples who share work at home tend to have a more intimate relationship than those who don’t divide housework equally? And now that you know, it’s time to divvy up the chores and expect better romance and intimacy.

He communicates his thoughts and expresses himself

Wives should not expect their husbands to be as emotional, expressive and sentimental as they are because even science agrees that they aren’t like women.

So if he tries his best to communicate his mind, talking and listening to you whenever he thinks best, you have to give back the favor by appreciating it enough instead of demanding for more. If he can talk to you about anything and everything under the sun, it only shows that he really values communication in your relationship seriously.

He loves everything you do for the family

You should remain grateful if you’re married to someone who acknowledges your strengths and accepts your weaknesses. He is appreciative of everything you do for him and your family and always believes in you that you can do wonderful things more than you could ever imagine. Above all, he is proud to call you his woman.

Your husband isn’t perfect. But when he does little things perfectly with great love and compassion, expect that a “perfect” love story will continue to unfold. Best wishes!

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