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Celebrity Trainers Share Winter Workout Secrets

During the holidays, one of the most difficult things to do is to go on your normal fitness routine. One of the reasons is that during these festivities, people often cook dishes that we simply cannot say no to. It basically ruins everyone’s diet and it is perfectly okay to indulge in your mom’s amazing dishes since it’s the holidays after all. However, that is not the only thing that may ruin your routine, another hindrance is the weather. In some states in the United States, there is just so much snow that it is basically impossible for people to go out and go to the gym or to simply go for a run. It is also very difficult to do anything since it’s nice and cozy just to sit in front of the fire and just relax instead of working out. Which is why we will be giving you some tips when it comes to working out this winter, and some of the things here are actually based on your favorite celebrity’s workout routine.


Short daylights as well as really cold temperatures makes it really difficult for almost everyone to move and do their daily workout routines. The Christmas parties and family reunions also mess up the schedule which makes things even more complicated. However, this is also the time of the year wherein you know that you must get up and move or else you would gain a couple of pounds because you indulged on your favorite dishes quite a few times. According to Max Ziegler who is the performance expert from Core The Studio, one of the best things to try is to take a cold shower in the morning. It seems extremely ridiculous especially if it’s snowing outside right? Well, it is not exactly a full cold shower, just a couple of seconds would do and try to do it as much every single morning. This is actually to be able give your body the strength and better circulation that would boost the mood and alertness. This is actually a scientific fact that could help you every single day since it could increase your immune system, just be sure not to take long. You may also sprinkle some cold water on you face and body if the shower is too cold for you

After your shower, it is also ideal to drink warm lemon water according to Max. The purpose of this is for the body to be able to get some vitamin C to balance the body’s pH levels as well as for it to be able to to flush the toxins and protect the body from immune system deficiencies.


Nike’s celebrity trainer, Joe Holder, believes that people find it difficult to workout and get moving during this time of the year because of the reduction of the sun. It changes the body’s rhythm and it is perfectly normal. When asked what’s the best advice he could give for people who are having a hard time working out in the mornings, Holder recommends the Nike+ Training app where you can actually choose 15 minute workouts that you can try every single morning.

This app does not require any equipment and he personally uses the app because it is very easy and convenient. The best routine anyone could try may consist of leg exercise, upper body exercise, abs, and some cardio. It doesn’t even need to be so long, just a couple of seconds each would do. This is something that you can try at home at any time of the day. Holden also believes that it is best to stick to the basics, working out doesn’t need to be complicated because if it is, more and more people would lose interest.

Holden also said that special treatments such as protein powders are unnecessary, just watching what you eat and doing regular exercise would help you stay fit even during this holiday season. Holden is known for training Victoria’s Secret models such as Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid.


Another trick that you must look into is Kelsey Serwa’s workout routine. Serwa has been preparing for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and one of the most popular ways that she has been doing her training is jumping from one ball to another. She has managed to go on the top of the trends because of this.

This Olympian is of course used to training in the cold weather which is why her tricks definitely works.

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