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Demi Lovato Shares Inspirational Journey On Mental Illness In New Documentary

Celebrities are known for having the talent to be able to entertain people, that is basically their job and if they are not good at what they do, then they wouldn’t last in the industry especially living in the society we have today. However, they may also serve as an inspiration to their fans in many ways possible. This is something that not every celebrity could do, which is why those who can are actually very influential.

One of them is the former teen star of Disney Channel, Demi Lovato. She became an instant superstar when she starred at the original Disney Channel movie entitled Camp Rock alongside with the Jonas Brothers. From that, with her amazing talent when it comes to singing, she immediately got her very first record deal with Hollywood Records and released her debut album Don’t Forget, which became a hit and even making it at the Billboard Top 100. She was also given a chance to have her very own television series at Disney called Sonny With A Chance.


Lovato’s documentary is called Simply Complicated

Celebrities are known to be so prone to stress because of all the expectations they have to meet when it comes to their talent, attitude, and most of all physical appearance. Demi is no exception, in fact, she actually had it the hard way. In 2011, the singer and actress actually had to enter a rehabilitation center because of her bipolar depression that led to drug abuse as well as self-harm. She has been very open about it once she was diagnosed and is proud of surviving after everything she has gone through. What amazes everyone is that compared to other celebrities who are going through the same difficulties in life, Lovato has been very vocal and open about hers.


There are celebrities who would try and hide it for as long as they can by denying it but she is indeed baring it all. According to the singer-actress, one of the reasons why she actually chose to be vocal and open about her mental struggles is because she wants to serve as an inspiration to her fans. To her, hiding and denying it will make it worse and it will just seem as if it is not okay for her to feel that way. She wants people in the same situation as her to know that it is perfectly fine and that once they seek help they will eventually get better. Locator also said in an interview that she wants to be able to have an impact on people’s lives where they could at least help them get through it by knowing that they are not alone.

Since she is now considered as an inspiration to her fans, she became a spokesperson for Be Vocal, this an organization wherein they help individuals as well as people in communities who suffer from mental illness and they themselves actually help others who struggle with it as well.


Last October, Lovato released a documentary wherein she actually shared her inspirational journey towards her struggle with addiction and how she was able to recover and pick herself up from it. Drugs are not the only reason why she actually got mentally ill, she actually suffered from depression very quietly, this is despite the fact that she has a long family and friends surrounding her. According to the 25-year-old singer, her family is very close to each other but then they are very secretive as well which is why she battled depression without anyone knowing and even considered taking her own life at such a young age. She admitted that she actually wondered what it would be like or what would happen to her own funeral.

Lovato also revealed how she actually reached rock bottom when she punched one of her dancers and that is basically when she knew that she needed help. At the age of 18, she went into a treatment center for her bipolar disorder. Lovato also battled with an eating disorder and it really hit her hard especially with her career and body image. Which is why when she actually sorted her life out and started being healthy again, she made sure that she will help and support people who promote body positivity especially to women of all ages.

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