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Emma Stone’s Incredible Leap from Poverty to Global Stardom

Emma Stone’s Incredible Leap from Poverty to Global Stardom

Talent, hard work, beauty and humor — this is Emma Stone in a nutshell. The sheer number of accolades she has received paints an accurate picture of how she has perfected her craft over the years. Her 2017 Best Actress Academy Award for playing Mia in La La Land was definitely one of the highlights of her career thus far. This year, Stone was nominated for an Oscar yet again, this time in the Best Supporting Actress category for playing Abigail Masham in The Favorite.

Emma Stone, Oscars, 2019

One would quickly think that Stone had all her success delivered to her on a silver platter, which is very much not the case. A little over a decade ago, Emma was as far from the spotlight as one would imagine.

A Leap of Faith

Before making a name for herself in 2007 with the role Jules in the comedy, Superbad, Stone was struggling to land acting gigs after facing rejection from every audition in Los Angeles. The talented entertainer had even dropped out of high school to pursue her acting dream.

In ninth grade, she set out to convince her parents that they should allow her to drop school and focus on an acting career in the City of Angels. She had entirely made up her mind about the big leap, even going as far as to making a PowerPoint slideshow presentation for her parents she had dubbed ‘Project Hollywood’. Her pitch was so great that, thankfully, her parents consented to her plan. However, Stone has had a change of heart over the years and encourages young adults to go through high school in its entirety and get their diploma, a point she made to The Hollywood Reporter two years ago.

Stone in character as Jules

When her parents got on board with her plan, Emma and her mom moved from Arizona to an apartment just steps south of Hollywood. The idea then was that they’d be there through the pilot season of the first show the got a role in. Once they would build a good fortune, they would move away from the city. Stone auditioned consistently for three months straight without landing a single role.

Another Option?

Obviously, her mom was now of the opinion that acting wouldn’t pay the bills. Stone, being as smart as she has always been, sought to find a reason for them to remain in L.A. Consequently, she landed herself a job at a dog biscuit factory. This way, she was able to anchor home in the city. Her gamble eventually paid off when she got the Superbad Jules role. From then on out, Stone was cruising through acting roles in the box office smash hits, including 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel two years later.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield both starred in The Amazing Spiderman

Currently, the 30-year old Emma Stone is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and is undoubtedly a global star. According to Forbes, Stone was the leading highest-earning actress of 2017, pocketing a cool $26 million pre-taxation. To all aspiring actors, actresses, and all other with big dreams, she says that they should never give up in the face of numerous obstacles. Quoting Winston Churchill, she encourages them always to keep going.

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