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Jennifer Garner vs. Malnutrition! Here’s What the Actress Is doing to Fight the Crisis

Alias star Jennifer Anne Garner has appeared on film and television shows across numerous genres, displaying her undeniable talent in every role she plays. In addition to being an actress, Garner is a kind soul who takes issues concerning children to heart. As such, she is conspicuously active in the matters of early childhood education and even doubles as a Save the Children board member and ambassador.

Jennifer Garner is her capacity as a Save the Children ambassador

Organic, Healthy Food

Apart from pushing forward early education efforts and promoting literacy, Garner is also an organic food enthusiast who believes that children deserve to consume farm produce served fresh from the refrigerator. To that end, she co-founded Once Upon a Farm, a company that believes in serving organic fruits and vegetables to children.

Garner currently acts as the chief brand officer of her health and nutrition company. The other founders were John Foraker as CEO, Ari Raz as President, and Cassandra Curtis as chief innovation officer. Being a mother of three as well as a children’s social advocate, Garner is instrumental to the company’s vision and focuses their concentration towards making a social impact.

Once Upon a Farm Founders, Jennifer Garner and John Foraker


On March 5, Garner announced that her company would be made available to the USDA’s Women, Infants, Children as the program’s first organic, refrigerated baby food. The program, commonly referred to as WIC, provides federal grants towards promoting nutrition and healthcare for low-income women (pregnant or breastfeeding) and children aged five and below.

Sharing the news via her blog, Garner was undoubtedly thrilled to continue bridges the gaps to achieve socio-economic equality. As she put it, her exploits with Save the Children over the last decade battling rural poverty in the States taught her the fundamental truth that no matter the difficult circumstances a child is born into, their mother adores them just as much any other mom would. To themselves, they make the quite promise that they will move heaven and earth to do right by their newborn.

Jennifer Garner with some of her Once Upon a Farm Products

Without a doubt, Garner’s company becoming available to WIC-eligible families will go a long way into helping such mothers keep their promise to their kids. So far, the company has been approved in Florida and West Virginia, with the actress cum activist reporting that they’re feeding almost 125,000 kids born into poverty. They have had to re-design their baby food bowls to meet government specifications, and Garner says it has been a learning process thus far, and she looks forward to venturing into the remaining states. Additionally, she is happy and proud of the progress they are making.

Garner is overly enthusiastic about spreading the word on her company’s healthy diet, so much that she personally handed out some of their smoothies to customers in a California Costco. For her family, sustainable and healthy eating is one of her priorities, according to nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. Garner follows the nutritionist’s eating plan religiously, one that insists on greens, fiber, fat, and protein in each meal (and better known as the Fab Four diet plan). LeVeque describes Garner as a golden child, one who values and prioritizes healthy food and has a garden wherein she practices regenerative farming.

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