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Selena Gomez’s Secret to Combating Stress and Anxiety

Selena Gomez had a stressful past year due to major health challenges from her battle with lupus to getting a kidney transplant and her ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety that have taken a toll on her physical and mental health. Now the actress has vowed to put health above everything else and de-stress her life by focusing on positivity and happiness.

Recovering from Lupus

During the premier of her latest film Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation on Saturday, actress Selena Gomez discussed mental health issues with Cameron Mathison from ET. She opened up about her struggle with depression and anxiety in the past and why she had decided to prioritize health over career during her lupus recovery.

Selena Gomez announced in 2015 that she had been diagnosed with lupus and had to call off her Rival tour

In late 2015, the actress/singer publically announced that she had been diagnosed with lupus and had to step away from the spotlight to focus on health. Gomez cancelled her Rival tour due to her sickness which was taking a toll on her mental health. The actress made a heartfelt speech while receiving her award at 2016 American Music Awards where she said that her depression had left her ‘broken inside’ and she had to take a break from making music in order to de-stress her life.

Later in 2017, Gomez faced more complications from her illness which eventually led her to getting a kidney transplant. During an interview with Harper Bazaar, she admitted that even though her lupus had only 3 to 5 per cent chance of returning after the surgery, her struggle with depression and anxiety would last for a lifetime. But the actress says that she has accepted the battle that lies ahead and knows that once she is healthy, everything else around her will fall into place.

Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Gomez told Mathison that when dealing with any mental or physical illness, the key is to focus on positivity and inner happiness which can only come from loving and accepting yourself no matter the circumstances.

The former Disney actress revealed in an interview on Good Morning America that after her kidney transplant her personal life – including her relationships with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd – became the subject of media headlines, and she was forced to step back from the spotlight to ensure that the rumors didn’t have an adverse effect on her health. The actress also enrolled in a rehabilitation program for a few weeks after her breakup with The Weeknd to help her deal with anxiety and depression

Even her relationship with her mother, Mandy, was put through a storm of media speculations after a claim surfaced last year that Mandy was no longer on speaking terms with Selena due to her reunion with Justin Bieber. Many sources close to the family said that Selena and her mother have had a rocky relationship over the past several years, and at one time the two weren’t even on speaking terms for an entire year. This was after Mandy was fired from her role as Selena’s manager in 2014, and the tension escalated to the point where the young actress was not allowed to contact her little sister, Gracie.

Now, the ‘Back to You’ singer is focusing on her music career and couldn’t be happier about her current physical and mental health

Focusing on Career and Happiness

After a few rough years the mother-daughter duo finally reconnected – but not for long. Last year, TMZ reported that Mandy was rushed to the emergency room after having a heated argument with her daughter, Selena. Apparently, Selena’s mom had protested against the young actress’ decision to reunite with Bieber.

Now, the ‘Back to You’ singer is focusing on her music career and couldn’t be happier about her physical and mental health. When asked about her plans for her 26th birthday in August, Gomez said that she might even be working on her birthday, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because she is lucky to have a career that she absolutely loves.

In her most recent film Hotel Transylvania 3 which premiered last week, the former Disney actress plays the role of Count Dracula’s daughter named Mavis. When asked what keeps her happy, Gomez responded that she loves listening to good music, especially her favorite song ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman.

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