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Surprising Reason Why Meghan and Harry Moved Out of Kensington Palace

The Sussex couple recently switched homes, moving from Kensington Palace (located in London) and into a bigger, more lavish Frogmore Cottage. Prince Harry and his former actress wife now have a complete change of scenery; and we could even go a step further and call it a total lifestyle change.

The magnificent Frogmore Cottage Grounds

Living in the country, as we can all agree, is significantly different from living in an urban area bursting with life and a myriad of numerous other activities. According to sources privy to royal affairs, the switch is totally welcome to the couple, and it is perfect for them and their soon-to-be child.


Frogmore Cottage is in Windsor, Berkshire just a few miles away from Windsor Castle. According to a close friend to the couple, the Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace where the royal couple previously resided was somewhat small and enclosed for them, making them feel claustrophobic.

Rumors have been swirling that a feud between the two duchesses, Kate and Meghan, is the reason behind the move

Consequently, their move is in order, more so since their previous residence wasn’t even designated to be their permanent home. To raise a family, the space certainly wouldn’t have been enough. And with the couple’s royal bundle of joy almost here, why not make the move early in order to prepare for the royal baby’s arrival?

True to the move being a change in lifestyle, the couple will now have new neighbors, ones who are not fellow members of the royal family, or the family’s members of staff. They will be like birds set free, leaving the Cambridge couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family behind.

According to the couple’s friend mentioned before, moving to Frogmore is healthy for the soon to be parents, admitting that life at Kensington Palace is for the chosen few, those who can adapt to the constraints of the place.

Going by the insights of another royal source, the Windsor neighborhood is the ideal place to raise children, and it is also sentimental for the couple. Prince Harry and Megan had their engagement photo shoot in Windsor, and later had their wedding reception there when they said their vows. Why not continue the fairy tale where it seemingly all started? The property is also close to St George’s Chapel in case the couple wants to attend the Sunday mass.

The royal baby could arrive any day now

Famous Home

Frogmore Cottage, which will undoubtedly be among the fan-favorite royal homes henceforth, is a ten-bedroom home, perfect for any family. The couple’s move had been in the works since last year, and the Cottage had been under serious renovation since then.

Having been a favorite getaway for members of the royal family for centuries now, the Sussex couple can rest easy knowing that their new home bleeds royalty to the core. What’s more, the grounds hold the remains of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, and her mother, the Kent Duchess.

Being home to the newest royal couple, security at the residence has been beefed up. Previously, members of the public could go for a stroll right up to the property’s gate, being kept out only by the “Private” sign. Now, taking a peek inside won’t be that easy, but it is totally understandable. Frogmore Cottage is rich in royal history, having been bought by Queen Charlotte in 1792. It’s now the Sussex couple’s turn to fill in the residence pages with their story.

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