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Woman Tries Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Routine for a Month and the Results Are Astounding!

I think we can all agree on the fact that Jennifer Lopez has the perfect body we would love to have. Even at the age of 49 she looks youthful as ever and hasn’t grown one bit since the time we have known her, so what’s her secret? The answer might surprise you but its simply a rigorous workout routine plus a strict diet which does the trick for her. Don’t believe us? Emily Tannenbaum tried the J. Lo lifestyle and it actually worked!

Making 49 glamorous is what J. Lo does best


Being Idle Does More Harm Than Good

Back in 2014, Tannenbaum had just moved to the Big Apple, a move that was in pursuance of a publishing career. As expected, she was all but idle for the first few months and as days grew into weeks and weeks into months without a job, she slowly started to experience signs of depression.

The once diet conscious and workout oriented lifestyle of hers quickly spiraled downwards and a year down the line, she had slumped back to all those bad habits she had left behind in her college years.

She later landed the Cosmopolitan job as an editor, but Tannenbaum admits that her battle with depression has been a rough one. She occasionally tries to work out consistently, but somewhere along the way loses her focus and drive.

Jennifer Lopez follows a strict workout routine for her ripper physique and six pack abs

What jolted her into action was the proposition by her would-be sister in law to be a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding. Apparently, that was incentive enough to bring her back to a consistent workout routine but once again, Emily fell off the wagon.

Sent From Above

Luckily for her, a guardian angel was sent her way in the form of Ngo Okafor, Jenny’s personal trainer. It was a month before her brother’s wedding when Okafor offered to have Tannenbaum try out his month-long fitness plan (28 days to be exact), and she would have been a fool to decline the offer. Who wouldn’t want to find out what makes J. Lo glow, even in her late forties?

She started with circuit training (doing the routine for an hour) coupled with cardio exercises for thirty minutes every day from Monday to Friday. Halfway through the 28 days, she pushed the cardio to a full hour whilst also incorporating her workout routine during the weekends.

J-Lo is lucky to have found a partner who is just as fond of health and fitness as she is

The fitness plan was split into leg days and upper-body days, both of which proved to be massively intense. The workout regimen was just one aspect of the fitness plan; a strict meal plan accompanied it, supplementing the progress made from working out. The diet involved cutting out carbohydrates and sugars, including sugary fruits and vegetables with starch. Dairy products and alcohol were both out of the question

Hard work definitely pays off and Tannenbaum was able to get into shape just before her brother’s wedding and was able to pull off the stunning look she had desired for so long. According to her, however, the most profound impact of the fitness plan was not physical, it was mental and psychological, it helped her feel better about herself and motivated her to go back to staying fit and loving herself.

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