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Feel Bloated All The Time? These Foods Will Save You

There is no specific reason why you may feel bloated, but we’re pretty sure you’ve reached the conclusion that whatever you consume is definitely the culprit. Truth be told, there are only two variations of bloated-ness which you may be feeling. One is water bloating, and the other is gas bloating.

With the gas bloat, matters become more intense as this kind of bloating causes great physical distress, either forcing you to loosen up that belt buckle or making you walk a few steps to calm down. Beans and dairy are the usual culprits, although those not used to consuming vegetables will also find themselves with gas in their system after consuming a serving of broccoli or some leafy vegetables.

The water bloat is somewhat different and may not be linked to the kind of foods you are consuming. This is usually triggered in women because of hormonal changes occurring in their systems, which normally happens during the initial stages of pregnancy or whenever the monthly cycle kicks in.

However, water retention may also be triggered because of excessive salt consumption and dehydration. Lack of potassium in the blood stream has also been linked as a cause of water bloating.

Regardless, there are some safe foods which you can consume which will not only provide you with great nutritional value, but also are completely bloat-friendly.

Have Yogurt

You most likely already know that yogurt is made by introducing a bacterial culture into it, which gives it that congealed look and texture. This is good bacteria, and, when consumed, it provides our body with probiotics that help in ensuring a healthy gut and also aids in the reduction of inflammation.

It is a protein-rich food, as far as Greek yogurt is concerned, delivering up to 20 grams in a single serving. And if you mix it with some of your favorite fresh seasonal fruits, it becomes a high-nutrition meal. For those who are lactose intolerant, kefir is a good substitute to fulfill all your probiotic needs.

Include Ginger in Your Meals

Ginger is an age-old must-have kitchen item which provides immense anti-inflammatory benefits

There is a reason that ginger has managed to survive the test of time and remains a must-have ingredient in a lot of recipes. This is because it has some amazing health benefits, such as having anti-inflammatory effects. Zingibain enzyme, which comes from ginger, is what brings about this effect, as it helps in the proper digestion of protein by the body.

This anti-inflammatory effect goes all the way down to the intestines, which subsequently makes the digestive process much smoother, reducing the instance of bloating.

Use Fennel

Fennel has an amazing power to get rid of both the water and the gas types of bloating, which makes this a super food for those times when you are not sure which kind of bloating you are experiencing. The compounds which Fennel has provide support in the relaxation of the intestines, paving way for any built up gas to exit the digestive tract.

If you can get hold of the seeds, then a few of those in your regular cup of tea or coffee would provide enough remedy to cure the bloat. Otherwise, if seeds are not available, then a fennel bulb incorporated into a salad is sufficient to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Squeeze A Lemon

The reason why lemonade continues to dominate in popularity is because people feel absolutely refreshed after consuming a glass of it. This is because lemon juice resembles the acidity levels which exist in our stomach already, providing the kick necessary to get the bloat out of your system.

Consuming lemon water every day also helps in keeping you well hydrated, which offers another roadblock in the way of bloated-ness.

Lemon juice helps regulate the acidity levels in the stomach, that’s why lemonade continues to remain so popular

Avocados Are Good For You

You may have thought avocados are only good for making your life a bit fancier, but what you probably don’t know is that this super food is also a rich source of anti-oxidants as well as potassium, which has been linked to reducing bloating in the digestive system.

Not only that, avocados are a naturally rich source of nutrition in themselves, so you can simply spread it on toast for breakfast and get yourself going till lunch without feeling hungry at all.

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