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Your Morning Coffee Might Not Be Good For You — Here’s Why

Coffee is used by many people, both old and young to chase away the feelings of sleep or to keep their eyes light and on alert. This is because there is always a battle between the demands of their daily endeavors and the demands of the natural man to lay back on the pillow and snore away for countless hours. At the end of it all, everything will be on the body.

However, it might be surprising that coffee might not be 100% reliable for staying alert all day long, according to studies conducted by scientists. They postulated that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is very risky to our health. In fact, the side effects outweigh the benefits. To learn more, take a pause before downing that coffee.

These are some of the reasons you shouldn’t start your day with coffee before taking breakfast.

There is a relationship between coffee and your stomach.  Taking a cup of coffee will cause your body to respond by generating acidic fluids in the stomach, and this will incorporate the forthcoming food substances, coupled with the drink that will arrive inside your stomach. Whereas, drinking a cup of steamed coffee early in the morning is dangerous because the stomach acid will get voidness to incorporate when it only sees the caffeine fluids flowing down your esophagus. As a result of this action, the acid will upset the inner walls of your stomach and bring about indigestion and chest burn.

Furthermore, the caffeine liquid affects the tempos of your circadian movement. The feeling of drowsiness, sapped energy and laziness can make going to work or that school hard, so the temptation to grab that cup is usually strong. It’s so unfortunate that people depend so much on caffeine to keep them strong and charged up for the day. On the other hand, this opinion is erroneous. Early in the morning after daybreak, it is natural for your body to produce the hormone called cortisol, which gives the feeling of being fully aroused from sleep.

Within hours when the day progresses, the rate of the cortisol soars. This process will be adequate for you to run all your daily errands and do your chores. There will be enough agility to stay awake throughout the day, wherever you find yourself and whatever you do. Whereas, researchers caution that taking coffee when you have not eaten a morsel of food will hamper your cortisol levels. The effects you so much desire will only last for a while due to the low levels of your cortisol caused by caffeine.

So here are things you to know. Experts have exposed some benefits and disadvantages of coffee.


  1. Risks of stroke are hampered by coffee intake. Coffee helps to reduce the chances of stroke. At least 2–4 cups per day is strong enough to fight against stroke.
  1. Risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease will be reduced by coffee. Researchers revealed that the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease are cut short by 25 %.
  1. Protection of the brain.
  1. Prevents Type II diabetes.


  1. Coffee can lead to your death

Excessive intake of coffee in a day is a direct license to death. Experts warn against drinking around 70-95 cups, which is equivalent to 22 liters of liquid, that is approximately 9-11 grams of caffeine accumulated inside your system. Common effects of this are throwing up the content. So be careful.

  1. You will soon lose your sleep and body composure when you take coffee

Insomnia and anxiety are common side effects of caffeine. Experts prescribed 400 milligrams of caffeine at most, which can be obtained from 4 cups of coffee. As individuals, we should be able to know our bodies enough and know the suitable quantity of caffeine that our systems can accommodate.

  1. Pregnant women should totally avoid coffee

Yes, experts advised that if pregnant women should drink it at all, one cup per day is enough.

You don’t have to put a stop to drinking coffee completely, but moderation is needed. Don’t get into the habit of starting your day with the caffeinated liquid. Drink coffee wisely. The best method is to take your morning meal and then down the coffee contents after some hours; you will still have the same results. Coffee may be good for staying awake, but it should not be used a drug to wake up in the morning.

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