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Kelly Clarkson Faced a Serious Health Scare Before Billboard Awards That Landed Her in Hospital!

Sometimes, celebrities have to put on a brave face for the sake of their fans, simply because they don’t want to overburden them with their problems. We love them for it, and we understand why they do it.

Kelly Clarkson was at it recently, playing host at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas. She was hosting the event for the second year running, so she clearly knew how to make it a success.

There are hosts, then there’s Kelly Clarkson

Taking a Back Seat

The abdominal pain she had been feeling all week had to take a back seat. The lady had an important event to host for crying out loud! And who is to say that she didn’t do a pretty stellar job of it? They should even let her carry on to next year’s edition.

Truth be told, you wouldn’t even have known that she was in any pain throughout the event. But as she later revealed, she was in so much pain that she literally cried immediately the show was over. She couldn’t even stay for the ensuing celebrations.

The singer took a flight home and immediately went to the hospital early Thursday morning. Clarkson confirmed the reports via Twitter, revealing that she did go to Cedars-Sinai, a medical center in LA, and had her appendix removed.

If resilience were a person, it would be Clarkson!

She thanked all the amazing professionals at the institution who nailed her surgery and said that she was already feeling much better. She was apparently in such a jovial mood tweeting this out that she even bid her appendix goodbye.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the surgery was no emergency. It was an eventuality Clarkson was ready for, since she had been suffering pain emanating from appendicitis all week. And do you remember her hosting the BBMAs?

History does repeat itself, as the singer had no plans of staying bedridden. She was on The Voice on Monday with two of the top thirteen contestants on the show as her artists.

Thinking about how Clarkson carried herself throughout the Billboards is still mind-blowing. If you’ve ever had to deal with appendicitis, you know how intense the pain gets. At times, you can’t even sit up straight, let alone stand — or crack jokes!

Hosting, and then some

And yet Kelly Clarkson hosted the entire show, and also performed two numbers! We need the resilience this lady has. No wonder she has been this successful in her career. It seems that nothing comes between her and what she’s after; not even an illness.

She opened the show with her melodious voice, churning out a medley of this year’s nominations including Girls Like You (Maroon 5), The Middle (Zedd and Maren Morris), I Like It (Cardi, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny), and many other catchy tunes.

The singer definitely has a funny bone in her

The songstress also has a funny bone or two in her, as she used her opening monologue (don’t you just love these at shows?) to remind the audience of when a security guard mistook her for a seat filler at an Awards Show early last month.

It wouldn’t have been a Kelly Clarkson affair if she didn’t humor us with Broken & Beautiful, would it now? It was her second performance of the night, and everyone loved it!

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