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Fans Accuse Drake of Getting Plastic Surgery for a Better Body, and His Response is Savage!

Drake’s abs have generated quite the buzz, with people being in awe and disbelief. The artiste shared a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram, showing off his six-pack. Word on the street is that Drake sought surgery for his flawless abs, an allegation that both the Canadian and his trainer have firmly denied.

Surgery wasn’t an option for this rapper. He always puts in hard work to get the physique he wants

Surgery in Colombia?

The rumor was sparked off by DJ Carnage, a former friend of his, who commented a few minutes after Drake had put up the image. Carnage wrote that the artiste wasn’t fooling him and that everyone knew he did have surgery in Colombia.

People have really been on Drake’s case ever since Joe Budden spread the word in 2016 that the musician had undergone surgery to perfect his abdominals. It was still a rumor back then, just as it is now.

But in all honesty, if you had the money, wouldn’t you prefer to take a shortcut to a great body instead of sweating away at the gym every day?

To Carnage’s comment on his post, Drake clapped back with a personal attack, and the argument got more heated. Naturally, the celebrities’ fans also had a bit to say, forcing Drake to calm them down when things got a bit tense. He reminded everyone that he and Carnage are still friends and that the apparent beef was all for show.

Being the rapper he is, clapping back is in his DNA

It was in this comment section that Johnny Roxx (Drake’s trainer) jumped in to defend his client, saying that the abs were as natural as they come. He challenged DJ Carnage to take him on as a trainer, and he’d get him similar abs to Drake’s. Not a bad proposition, right?

Surgery has long been used as a vehicle towards a near perfect body, and although Drake may have gone the natural way, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro chose surgery.

As we all know, workout routines take time before their results manifest, unlike surgery which yields instantaneous results — if you have the money for it, of course.


The actor cum TV personality explains that he found liposuction to the only way to his desired physique since he is pressed for time.

Ever since he became a dad, Ronnie hasn’t had the luxury to spend hours in the gym. And since a man’s got to stay in shape, seeking a surgeon’s help was the only alternative he felt he had.

Ronnie doesn’t always have time to hit the gym after becoming a father

However, Ronnie insists that the surgery is the easy part. Maintaining its results is where things get difficult. It requires hard work and dedication, especially when it comes to healthy food choices.

According to Dr. Khorsandi, Ronnie’s surgeon, the procedure he received is permanent. However, Ronnie has to ensure that he maintains a healthy diet with no cheat days.

The doctor also said that the procedure doesn’t mean that the actor will never gain weight again. He could still pack on the extra pounds, but they’ll never go to his abdomen.

This sounds easy, right? All the risks aside, the procedure is quite expensive. To have the liposuction surgery, you have to fork over a minimum of $20,000, and the amount can shoot up to $30,000.

Also, it takes almost five hours to perform the surgery, with a significant downtime an even tougher recovery period.

For Ronnie, it was even more difficult, seeing as he is a recovering addict. As such, the only painkiller he can take is Advil. But nothing good comes easy, right?

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