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Everyone is Raving About The CICO Diet, But This Is Why Experts Think You Should Not Go For It!

There are probably millions of people around the world who are looking for easy ways to lose all of that extra weight they are carrying on their body, preferably something that does not require any exercise or the sacrifice of some favorite foods from the diet.

Many people have been raving about the keto diet since the past couple of years, and although its popularity is increasing, albeit slowly, around the world, now a new diet has entered the picture and people can’t stop talking about it.

According to the CICO diet, you can eat calorie-rich foods such as a donut and still manage to lose weight.

This one is called CICO, which is short for Calories-In, Calories-Out, and although the science is not as strong as experts would like to believe, many people on the internet have given this diet raving reviews throughout social media.

CICO, Explained!

The explanation of the CICO diet is perhaps something that all of us know about anyway. Basically, the diet highlights that in order to lose weight, we have to eat less than what we burn on a daily basis. Naturally, everyone already has an understanding of this fact, and that is why working out combined with a low-calorie diet has already been a very popular way of losing weight around the world.

Although you would have to weigh all the calories you consume every single day, as long as you burn more than you intake, according to the CICO diet, you will lose weight.

So then, what is so special about the CICO diet? Apparently, those who love it love the way this diet keeps all options open for people as it does not specify the kinds of food people should be consuming. Under this diet plan, you can eat whatever you want, as long as you are not consuming more calories than are being burned by your body.

All About The Calories

According to experts, calories define whether somebody would lose or gain weight, and hence you need to measure the calories being consumed and being burned to evaluate the changes you must make in your diet. However, could it really be that simple to lose weight? Well, many experts don’t think so, and that is mostly because of the varying types of calories and their impact on the human body.

Our body does not care only about the calories we consume, but also about the nutrition we intake within them. Having a proper, nutritious meal is essential to ensure a healthy metabolic system, and also to properly satiate your hunger. Also, nutritional deficiency disallows your body from consuming calories in a proper manner, so while you may be keeping a count, your body may not be burning as many calories as you anticipate.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential to losing weight in a sustainable manner without harming vital body functions.

For example, if you have eaten a muffin, and let’s say that it’s about 350 calories made up of processed flour and white sugar, it will not digest as well as the same number of calories consumed by eating a helping of oats. Food lacking sufficient nutrition will harm a lot of the body’s core functions, such as skin, tissue repair, and even muscle recovery/growth. Eating healthy foods boosts such core functions, including metabolism, which ensures that you burn calories faster. That is why a healthy diet combined with a proper exercise regimen is the only way to lose weight in a healthy manner.

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