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A Healthier New Year and Decade With These Expert-Approved Tips

The New Year is fast approaching, and most of us must have made a number of resolutions.

Funny enough, most people plan to exercise more, cut weight, and the like, but end up not following through.

Thinking about it, shouldn’t we change this in 2020? The timing is perfect, and the motto should be something in the lines of “New Decade, Healthier Life.”

Here are some of the tips that will ensure you lead a healthy 2020.

Forego the Gym

This seems like an odd tip to start off this list, no? But let’s break it down.

Most people join a gym class, attend for a few weeks, then give up.  If you are one of them, why not forego the gym altogether and invest that time in an activity that you will genuinely enjoy?

Forego the gym and choose an activity you will enjoy. For a dog person, dog walking will do

It could be signing up for a dance class, joining a group of dog walkers, juggling, skating, anything. You’ll still be exercising, and your body will thank you for it.

Invest in Workout Attire

If you genuinely love exercising, then this is just the tip for you. What you wear to your routine should be comfortable, and most importantly, should flatter you.

Invest in attire that flatters you

Sports science experts reckon that what you wear while exercising affects your mood and impacts on how effective your workout sessions are. Why then, should you not invest in your gym attire?

Create an Exciting Exercise Playlist

Who doesn’t know just how incredibly powerful music is? This is best demonstrated when you are working out, as an amazing playlist serves as a welcome distraction, taking your mind away from muscle exertions.

Before you know it, your workout routine is done, and probably even in the mood to work out some more. Apparently, such a playlist is all you need to start enjoying your gym class.

Take Lunch Breaks

In a bid to get more work done, most employees tend to forego their lunch break. It may seem like the logical thing to do, but mental health experts opine that it does more harm than good. And you do agree that there’s no health without mental health, right?

Lunch breaks are designed to help you recharge, relieve the stress of the earlier part of your workday, and generally boost your mental health.

Lunch breaks are designed to help you recharge

In foregoing the break, you deny yourself these benefits. You also overwork the brain, and for the rest of the afternoon, you’ll notice that you tend to get sluggish. You may have already noticed it multiple times, no?

To have productive afternoons, make lunch breaks a priority in 2020.

Leave Your Tight Clothes Behind

We all have those clothes that no longer fit because we’ve put on some weight. Some of us tend to keep them around, using them as a motivation to shed off the extra pounds.

However, Yahoo! News suggests that you are better off without that extra pressure. The outlet admits that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to cut weight, but do it without the ultimatum that you must fit into a certain item of clothing.

If you’re feeling charitable enough, you can donate these clothes and enjoy the pleasure of giving as you usher in the new decade.

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