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Eleven Things to Start Doing ASAP to Improve Your Entire Life

 If you were told there were things you could do to make your life, and your future, better today, wouldn’t you do them? Every once in a while we need to stop and think about things we need help with in our life, things we have wanted to do differently but just haven’t made the commitment to change. Here are 11 things you can start doing to put your life on a super positive track today!


Surprise, surprise. Reading makes you smarter, which gives you a better knowledge base, which enables you to do more in life. So put down the video game, stop roaming social media, and open up a book. Yeah, a real book. Reading increases vocabulary, opens your mind, and makes you a more creative and productive person overall. Also, reading great works of literature make you face complicated dilemmas, forcing you to use, and thereby develop, your emotional intelligence.



People often say to just smile, and often, we really are not in the mood to hear it. We have problems and we have no idea how can a smile help us? Well, it can, really. It is scientifically proven that smiling will in fact make you happier which will lead to a clearer mind and ability to resolve the challenges life throws your way. So even if you have to turn on your favorite comedy, do it; laugh, relax, and watch it all come together.


Exercise increases circulation which helps improve mood as well as alertness. A morning work out is quite possibly the best way to start your day, so give it a try. Not only will it decrease stress and clear your mind for the day ahead, you will also be able to sleep better at night after a long and productive day at work.


Many people have a hard timing talking to others, and many do not know how to properly listen. Yet, the advantages of being able to do both are huge. A good way to practice is to strike up conversations with strangers; it helps build your confidence and personability and in the end, you can just walk away. As much as you want to be listened to, try to be attentive to those who want to be heard as well. Knowing how to listen helps you know what to say.


Get out there! Traveling allows your mind to see and experience new things giving you rest as well as inspiration and perspective. Realizing new possibilities and horizons can be the perfect way to bring vitality back into your life and lead you to a clearer mindset in order to continue moving forward once back home. Just knowing what’s out there can be life-changing!


Even if you save only a bit, you will be surprised (and very happy) at how much it adds up to in 10 years time. Keep focused on making a monthly contribution and try not to miss any of them except in the case of emergencies. Doing this over a lifetime will change everything, for the better.


Happy family having roast chicken dinner at table

You can never make up time lost with loved ones, but you can always call that person back or reply to that email later. Time with family is essential for your own well-being as well as for theirs. Make sure you enjoy those precious moments. You will thank yourself for it later.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I don’t have time” is really just sheer laziness. Stop making excuses and make the decision to take that trip, call that person, or start that new venture today. It’s the same for the fun tasks as well as the challenging ones; just get started and do it.


Unless everyone around you thinks you are a total a-hole, then you really have no worries about being yourself and should never be afraid to stand up for what you believe and feel. You will never make everyone happy nor agree with everyone around you; you can’t grow and pursue life without knowing who you are and being proud of that. This still means that some self-evaluation may be needed every once in a while, but that’s healthy.


No, you are not right all the time, and you don’t know everything. Every once in a while, you may want to take a look around, open your mind to other possibilities and ponder alternative ways; and every once in a while, you may be very surprised to see what can happen when you do so.


Love what you do and do what you love. Keeping both feet on the ground is an essential part of success, but so is pushing yourself to do more and reaching for your true ambitions. Settling is just that, settling; which is stopping, which is equivalent to giving up. Go for it!

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