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3 Important Doctor’s Appointments You Should Not Miss in 2020

The holiday season is well underway and apart from the festivities, most of us are also thinking about the coming year. A new year signifies reinvention, and you probably have a long to-do list, in addition to a few resolutions.

You must have your eye on the new heights you want to soar into where your career is concerned, probably have plans on how to go about making a down payment for your new house, or it could be that you intend to improve on your saving habits.

While there’s no issue with any of these, have you made any plans where your health is concerned? Thought so. Verily’s Krizia Liquido goes on and on about the doctor appointments you should schedule for next year, and here are some of them.

Dentist Appointment

When’s the last time you ever saw a dentist? Most of us tend to have a care-free attitude where dental health is concerned. By the time you visit the dentist, it’s usually too late since you’re already down with dental carries, cavities, bleeding gums, the like.

When did you last see a dentist?

You know what makes this so unfortunate? The fact that you can save yourself from these conditions by having regular dental checkups. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends a dental visit every half a year, and if that’s too much for you, they say that once every year would also suffice.

During these checkups, dentists will usually clean your teeth and in so doing, spot any mishaps in your mouth. Should they find anything, it’ll have been spotted early and whatever treatment they recommend will certainly be cheaper than if you went in to see them with a full-blown dental condition.

There are several benefit plans that cover these checkups, but you can also choose to have them as an out-of-pocket expense. $125 for healthy teeth is a worthy investment, right?

OB-GYN Appointment

Gynecology appointments, especially preventive ones, should be frequent practice for any woman out there. During these visits, the specialist conducts a breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear.

All these examinations are vital, especially because they can catch cancer early on. With how huge of a menace malignancy has become, everyone knows that the best bet is to have it discovered early.

Feminine health is important, so schedule that OB-GYN appointment

The OB-GYN may also add some tests such as an ultrasound to complement their physical examination, and they may end up inflating the bill to some degree. However, the average appointment costs $125, and you also have favorable insurance plans that can help you out.

Feminine health has a huge bearing on a woman’s general health, so it is paramount that you take it seriously, whether or not you are active in the bedroom.

PCP Appointment

A primary care physician will assess your general health, starting with your BMI and blood pressure if you’re below 40. They will also inquire about your family’s medical history, in addition to asking questions about your diet, how much you exercise, your alcohol intake, and tobacco use.

A PCP will assess your general health with particular interest on your blood pressure

The physician will also be interested in heart disease risk factors, so they’ll assess your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. People between 20-49 will also have to take a Hepatitis B screen, a virus that causes liver damage and potentially, liver cancer.

The doctor will also be interested in your mental health, so it’s best to be as candid with them as possible. It’ll be for your own good.

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