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Surviving Siblings’ HEARTBREAKING Reunion After Losing Family in Car Crash


Two siblings from Texas who survived a deadly car crash that killed both their parents and baby sister were finally able to see each other last week for the first time since the tragedy. The brother-sister duo, 5-year-old Zachary and 8-year-old Angela Clemens, were seen clutching hands in a heartbreaking photo while still on their hospital beds in Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Survivors Left with Severe Injuries After Crash

A horrific road accident involving a head-on collision between two cars earlier this month claimed the lives of Jim and Karisa Clemens, parents of five young children from Texas. The fatal car crash also killed the couple’s youngest daughter Juliana who was only two months old.

Among the survivors were 8-year-old Angela, 6-year-old Zachary, 4-year-old Wyatt and 2-year-old Nicholas. The Texas Department of Public Safety released a statement earlier revealing heart-wrenching details of the accident. Apparently, the collision occurred after a high-speed vehicle swerved out of control after crossing a median and struck the Clemens’ car on April 7.

The heartwarming photo showed the two eldest siblings Angela and Zachary holding hands after a tragic car accident that killed both their parents

The four survivors’ great aunt, Teresa Burrell, told the local news reporters that all of the children were left with concussions from the fatal car accident, some of the injuries being more severe than the others. The oldest sibling Angela had sustained severe brain concussions and had been in a coma for several days.

Due to the force of the collision, she broke both of her femurs, the longest and strongest bones inside a body, and has both of her legs wrapped in casts after an invasive surgery. Angela didn’t say her first words until several days after coming out of the coma. She is still recovering from head injuries which have had an adverse effect on her memory and brain functions.

A Heartbreaking Reunion

6-year-old Zachery has also spent the past week in the same hospital his older sister Angela. He also sustained severe injuries to his colon and broke his back during the accident. The tragedy left the second-youngest sibling, Wyatt, paralyzed on his left side and with severe brain injuries that caused multiple strokes since the accident.

The 4-year-old is recovering faster than the rest of the siblings and has already started walking on his own again. 2-year-old Nicholas, who is the youngest of the four, was the first one to be released from the hospital and is currently staying with his aunt.

Last Tuesday oldest siblings Angela and Zachary were finally reunited for the first time since the fatal car crash and one of the physical therapists looking after the orphaned kids snapped the powerful picture which showed the two lying their hospital beds while holding each other’s hands. Their faces give away the immense grief of losing both their parents as well as a younger sister.

Great Aunt Burrell says that the children have demonstrated amazing bravery and resilience during their recovery. Not only have they had to deal with severe physical and mental concussions in the past few weeks but also face the loss of three family members.

The family has raised more than $200,000 through a Facebook fundraiser for covering the children’s medical expenses after the accident

More than $200,000 Raised

Wyatt, who is almost recovered from his injuries, has been visiting the hospital regularly to comfort the rest of his siblings. Burrell said that she witnessed the most heartwarming moment between the two siblings when Wyatt visited his sister Angela in her hospital room, but after a few minutes he told her that he was going to go back to his room. Angela, who hasn’t said a lot since the accident, looked at her brother and said, “Wyatt, I need you.” Upon hearing this, the 4-year-old decided to stay with his sister for another 30 minutes, holding her hand comfortingly.

Burrell says that it will be a hard and lengthy process for the children to recover from their loss and come to terms with their parents’ death, but seeing the support they showed towards each other in a time of hardship has convinced her that they will be able to heal eventually.

The family has also successfully managed to raise more than $200,000 in a fundraising campaign to pay for the children’s medical and living expenses. The family is grateful for all the love and support they have received from the world and they hope that the money will help the kids recover quickly and get back on their feet once again.

The survivors will have to spend a few more months at the hospital after which they will be raised by their grandmother.

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