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Life-Changing Exercises that Are Incredibly Not Boring

 The holiday season just ended and we’re sure that most people (us included) have gained a little weight… Well, the concept of “a little” differs for everyone (okay, we gained more than a little weight, don’t judge us.) So since it’s already a new year, we really need to start working out again but the thing is, most people will only stick to the healthy lifestyle for just a few months or even just weeks. Then it’s back to pigging out and not even doing any exercise. So you’ll stick to your workouts, here’s 6 fun and cool exercises that will help you stay fit and look really hot while having fun at the same time. So get off your butt, and start working out!


Parkour or free running was first a training exercise for the French military. The goal is for the practitioner to get from one point to another while going through a complex environment without the assistance of any pieces of equipment. The only thing you can use is your body, so this may be hard when you’re a bigger or a little fat due to your mom’s delicious cooking, but once you get the hang of it and you can climb up walls, and jump from roof to roof, it’ll all pay off.

P.S. please do not use parkour to rob your neighbor’s house.


What is more fun than working up a sweat while learning how to kick someone’s butt? The answer is, nothing! You can go and workout at your local gym, they usually offer classes for some kind of self-defense class. But just remember folks, martial arts is for defending yourself, not to inflict pain on other people. Well, it’s also really cool, and people won’t want to mess with a black belt.


Basketball one of the most popular sports in the entire world. You don’t have to be as good as Michael Jordan to play basketball; you can go play with your friends which are a load of fun. So other than having fun with your buddies, it’s also a good way to work up a good sweat and lose some of that flabby belly. And remember guys, chicks dig athletic dudes.


If you happen to live near the ocean or you just love going to the beach, you might want to try surfing. It’s a load of fun, and also it can get you ripped. Have you ever seen a professional surfer that has a beer belly? Well, that’s because surfing makes you exercise your core muscles by balancing on the surfboard, and it’ll also give your whole body a pretty good workout. Imagine just having the sea breeze, the sun, and all the hot girls on the beach! Need I say more?


You read that right! You can play video games as a form of exercise. Now that’s living the dream! You can play games on the Wii console that is both fun and can make you build up a pretty good sweat (we’re not endorsing any products, guys.) There are also other consoles like the Wii today; that will also provide you and your friends and family a good day of fun and also help you guys keep fit. Try out “Just Dance”, it’s really fun. Oh and just in case you’re living under a rock, there are now virtual reality games today and augmented reality games on mobile phones like Pokemon Go, that you would need to walk to catch Pokemon. What a time to be alive!


Riding a bike is a great way to exercise and also to do a little of sightseeing. Either you go around your town, or go through someplace a little far away so you could catch a nice sunset with your girlfriend is a good way for both of you to exercise, also it would be a good date.

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