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Canadian Pop Artist Justin Bieber Has Been Struggling with Lyme Disease and Mono

Being a celebrity is a job in itself, and a hard one at that. The fame and the money accompany with it a multitude of problems, especially if you are not strong enough to cope with public pressure. For the now-famous Bieber, things haven’t been free-flowing for him for the last couple of years.

The “I Don’t Care” hit singer has had a handful of challenges, ranging from drugs, relationship problems, fame as well as other health problems. Still, he’s been able to record and release hits such as the one mentioned, which featured another top artist Ed Sheeran.

Health Problems

Recently, Bieber has had to fight off his critics on social media and especially Instagram, after some of his 124 million followers claimed that he was on drugs owing to his appearance.

In his defense, Bieber reiterated that he has just recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, and was also suffering from chronic mono. He says that these two medical conditions have left him weak, affected his skin and brain and his health in general.

Bieber has been suffering from Lyme disease

He admits that he’s had it rough for the last couple of years trying to regain his health and composure. He promises his fans that he will soon be back and will be better than before.

Lyme disease is a highly infectious disease spread by ticks. It is caused by a Borrelia bacterium. Victims, when infected develop a red patch that expands on the skin from the area the tick bites the victim. They also experience tiredness, fever, and headache. No wonder Bieber was complaining of weakness and was looking sickly. The other condition, mono, also causes fatigue, sore throat, and fever among other ailments.

Bieber has been sensitizing the public about Lyme disease

Future’s Looking Bright

Despite what Bieber has been going through, he has remained strong and steadfast, and faced his tribulations head-on. He is set to release a 10-episode documentary on YouTube on January 27, that will chronicle the challenges that he has been going through his life, and how he has struggled to overcome them. As his fan, you surely will be looking forward to this.

He hasn’t given up on his social media followers also, even after the disparaging remarks he has been getting from a considerable number of them. They have not only been attacking him, but also his beautiful wife Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber.  Justin, however, showers praises to his wife saying that he wouldn’t have made through all the struggles and tribulations were it not for his wife, and religion.

His wife Hailey has been his pillar

It is interesting to see in the documentary how he elaborates on this. Also, of interest is if his famous ex, the songbird Selena Gomez is featured in this documentary.

Just is making a comeback. He has already released a single called “Yummy” and is set to release an album later this year after several years. He is also planning on a North American tour, so there is quite a lot to expect from him. Let’s keep watch.

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