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The Most Common Medical Ailments Afflicting Older People

Enjoy your youth while you still can, but while at it, exercise, eat healthily and stay focused. That will not only be useful now, but later on when you grow older.

According to research, long-term medical conditions afflict quite a number of older people. In the United Kingdom (U.K.) this number stands at four million and is set to rise by the year 2030. The cost of health care for the elderly is increasing by the day as the population of the elderly increases.

Fortunately, there have been significant developments in the medical fields that enable older people to manage their conditions at home. Despite these developments, many still require assistance due to a lack of knowledge of their conditions. It is vital therefore that they are sensitized and educated to understand these ailments and how to manage them. Here are some of the most common conditions.


Arthritis is a disease that affects both young and older people. The disease affects the tissues around the joints causing them to denigrate leading to joint pain and inflammation. It is essentially common with older people as their joints are more used up due to wear and tear. There are about 10 million people suffering from this condition.

Arthritis is categorized into two main types; osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the one common with the older generation. Here are the symptoms of this condition.

  • Difficulty moving joints
  • Inflammation on the joints
  • Joint pain, stiffness, and softness

There is no known cure for this disease, but you can manage it through medications recommended by your physician. Since older people are more prone to this condition, they are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Exercise regularly to strengthen your bones and joints


Asthma is a respiratory medical condition, that affects the young and the old, but is more prevalent on the older people as their sinuses are much weaker. It occurs when your airways react to external allergens that inflame them causing painful attacks and constriction that prevents you from breathing properly. If not managed, those attacks could be fatal. Asthma symptoms include

  • Severe coughing
  • Running out of breath even when resting
  • Tightness in the chest

Older people are more susceptible and can get worse if someone has a cold. As an elderly person, you should avoid exposing yourself to known allergens like dust and pollen, and keep warm when it is cold to avoid contracting flu or a cold. You should also have an emergency system where you can call for help when you get asthma attacks.

Avoid exposing yourself to allergens like dust and pollen

Chronic Bronchitis

Commonly referred to as a type of lung disease, chronic bronchitis is another medical condition that mostly affects older people. Infections are a result of bronchi infection by bacteria or viruses like those that cause flu and colds. One might confuse the two conditions, so it is always important to seek the opinion of a qualified specialist. The symptoms for this condition include

  • Headaches
  • Running and blocked nose
  • Severe chest pains
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

Have a healthy diet

Treatment involves a change in lifestyle. If you smoke, you have to quit smoking and taking alcohol as well. These two just prolong the condition. You can get some antibiotics to suppress it, but mostly you have to rest and be on a healthy diet. Preferably vegetables and fruits.

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