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These Companies are Lying About Having the Cure For Alzheimer’s

The number of Alzheimer’s cases are growing with each passing day. According to statistics, more than 5 million cases have been reported in the United States to date. This widespread medical condition, which is often accompanied by dementia, has been a serious concern for pharmaceutical companies because no promising drugs have yet been introduced which can treat Alzheimer’s disease.

However, there are many who are profiting from this rise in numbers. According to federal authorities, many companies are trying to capitalize on the fear people have about whether they would suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in old age mostly because someone in their family has suffered from the condition.

These companies are claiming to provide proactive solutions to people so that they can potentially prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s before its possible occurrence.

These unproven solutions are probably unsafe for the general health of the public, and so the authorities are taking action against them. Recently, the FDA has identified a range of products which are being promoted by such companies for the prevention of Alzheimer.

In reality, these products are supplements which are promoted as containing safe substances like fish oil or vitamin C. However, they also contain substances which are harmful to human health, such as unverified herbs, chemicals, and minerals.

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Alzheimer’s disease has many implications for the health of an individual in old age, and hence everyone wants to avoid its onset

Actions Taken By The FDA

Recently, a statement has been issued by the commissioner of FDA, Scott Gottlieb, in which he stated that authorities are making active efforts to stop companies from promoting dietary supplements as a supposed treatment for Alzheimer, especially since these dietary supplements do not have any proven track record of preventing the disease or of curing its symptoms.

Most of these products do not even have a legal basis of being marketed, and because these are unapproved by the relevant authorities, therefore their sale cannot legally be permitted. FDA has issued 12 notice letters to such companies and also online letters have been issued to them in an effort to stop them from promoting these dietary supplements which claim to cure Alzheimer’s or, for that matter, any other life-threatening condition such as cancer or diabetes.

The reason why these letters have been issued is that patients become easily persuaded to buy these products instead of approved drugs in an effort to cure their symptoms, which results in further deterioration of their health.

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We take many preventive measures to ensure good health in old age, and the fact that these supplements claim to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s is very tempting.

The Stance of the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association has recognized that these dietary supplements are claiming to cure the symptoms of Alzheimer including memory loss and that many of these products are also claiming that their use can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the Association has also stated that these claims cannot be declared true just because a few testimonials are available on the internet to verify these claims, or just because they are backed up by a small group of scientific research.

Therefore, the Association has welcomed the actions taken by the FDA including the issuance of warning letters to such companies and has also encouraged that a crackdown should be enacted against such companies which are illegally selling such products.

Prominent companies which have received these notices include Sovereign Laboratories, TEK naturals, Nutrition Coalition, and Pure Nootropics, to name a few. The letters issued to these companies stated that the claim that these products can cure symptoms, which hint at the onset of one or more diseases, should not be made since no drug should be administered to treat self-diagnosed diseases, as the patient may or may not be suffering from such a disease in the first place. One should only take prescribed drugs to treat symptoms after consulting a professional medical practitioner.

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People usually assume that supplements are completely harmless, but that is not entirely true.

The Stance of The Responsible Nutrition Council

According to the Responsible Nutrition Council, the claims made by such companies should essentially be backed up by substantial scientific research, and in case research is not able to prove the efficacy of these drugs or supplements in treating or curing such symptoms, then such claims should not be made.

The Responsible Nutrition Council represents companies which are promoting these products, and hence its opinion matters in this case. The fact that it, too, has endorsed the action taken by the FDA speaks volumes about the credibility of such companies.

Research Has Shown That These Products Are Dangerous For Health

Thorough scientific research has been conducted in this area which has proved that the use of such dietary supplements is dangerous for health. The Medical Journal of England stated that the use of dietary supplements, specifically the ones that treat obesity, cause thousands of individuals to go to emergency rooms in hospitals.

An increasing number of cases have shown a negative reaction to such supplements and are reported every year. Therefore, it is advisable that such products are not used, especially if they are making unproven claims which have not approved by the FDA.

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