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Family Shares Last-Minute Pictures With Their Daughter To Promote Organ Donation

Kentucky based Adalynn Grace Rogers passed away on the 26th of January, 2018, but before she took her last breath, the 2-year-old was surrounded by her beloved family, who stood by the bed to the final seconds. Her parents were in deep sorrow because of the glaring reality that they were about to lose their precious daughter, but someone brought up an idea of capturing their last hours spent with Grace on camera, and they decided to give it a try.

The goals were to bring Adalynn’s story and create publicity aimed at letting people know about her heart problem which was the cause of her death.

Heart-breaking photo of Adalynn with her mother

Justin Rogers, 28 years old whose family reside in Arlington, said that the photo is a way of looking at the discomforts she endured while alive and what she went through. He added that the contents tell about their last honor bestowed on her.

When the history of Adalynn was dug out, it was a touching one. Born in 2016, Adalynn was diagnosed with a heart problem located on the left side of her heart, hypoplastic to be precise. The hypoplastic disease is a birth disorder that has an adverse effect on the regular bloodstream that goes through the heart. When it was two days after her birth, she underwent an operation to correct her heart, and after two months, she was discharged to go back to her family.

Adalynn’s first signs of heart problems

Her mother, Kristi Roger who is also 28 years, recalled that Adalynn was eating with the aid of a support feed tube, although she lived a normal baby life in spite of that. Kristi added that she and her husband were lost on what might happen next. Sadly, the sick girl suddenly developed a heart breakdown on the 8th of November, the last year 2017, and doctor announced that a heart replacement will be required to make her live. After a month, an automatic pump was fixed inside her chest region by the doctors in order to aid the functioning of her heart. The Rogers waited helplessly for the transplant, which they saw as the only hope for Adalynn to live.

Unfortunately, they were hit by a dazing reality that dashed their faith in giving Adalynn a second chance, when she started hemorrhaging and was rushed to the hospital for a scan, all this happened on the 23rd of January this year. Thereafter, she was placed on a respiratory tube and when all the scanning processes were over, she threw up, which made the doctors think that perhaps, her lungs received some of her puffed air. Adalynn lacked oxygen for close to 30 minutes, which led to her experiencing a terrible brain disorder.

Adalynn Suffered Severe Brain Damage And Couldn’t Handle More Transplants

Sadly, Adalynn suffered a severe brain damage.

The Rogers couple got to lose all hope when the doctors in charge of Adalynn’s case informed them that she won’t be able to take anymore transplant due to the severity of her body breakdown. Her grieving father admitted defeat. He said he and Kristi became confused at that point since they just realized that the doctors had exhausted all available options to rescue her from death. Everything became bleak and they knew all they had left was the life support machine that held her on, but sooner or later, they would need to give the necessary go-ahead for it to be removed.

At this trying period, the situation got the attention of a social welfare staff, who got in touch with Suha Dabit, a professional photographer, and asked her to come take a ‘final treasured family moment’ photo while everyone surrounds Adalynn’s bedside.

Roger’s family share their last moment with their 2-year-old daughter and sister.

Suha is a mother who also has a baby girl that suffered from heart problems, but she later received a transplant. She helped the family create a strong public enlightenment campaign which focused on inherited heart problems. The idea of having a picture of their last hours with their daughter was accepted by Justin and Kristi. Suha got to the hospital at exactly 9 a.m. 26th January, to capture the heartbreaking moments. By 11:58 am, Adalynn took her last breath almost three hours later.

Adalynn’s Last Photos

Justin recalled how grievous it looked that morning, as they watched their other children said their last wishes and farewells to their sibling. Although their sweet Adalynn is gone to rest, yet the Rogers hope to keep her legacy alive by revealing to the public a snippet of her sufferings and pains before she died. This will improve awareness of the disease that killed her, and maybe motivate people to donate more organs.

They opened a special Facebook page where they share everything they know about hypoplastic to let people know what it entails. Hypoplastic is a heart problem that over 120 infants are suffering from worldwide.

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