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Foods That We Eat Regularly But Are Actually Bad for the Brain

The main function of the food we eat is to fuel our brains and bodies with nutrients that will help us along the way. Without the proper meal intake, people are more susceptible to sickness and viruses. They are also prone to aging and a premature death. But what if the foods we have today now serve a different purpose?

39% of people ages 18 and over are overweight

People are more likely to eat food based on its taste and not on the health content. The rise of fast food chains also disrupted the meaning of what should be like. Now, the food we consume can eventually lead to sickness and even death. The great irony of life. If you want to be more friendly to your brain and mental health, start avoiding these foods.


For most people, avoiding alcoholic-drinks can be very difficult, especially during celebrations. There are many articles that put alcohol into a brighter perspective, and that it doesn’t do harm to our brains. According to the study conducted in U.K., alcohol consumption of 6-9 drinks per week can leave the brain in a more vulnerable state. It is linked to hippocampal atrophy, among other things.

French Fries

Deep-fried foods can clog our arteries

How many times do people have to defend the reputation of the fries by stating that it’s a potato? Maybe it came from a vegetable but the processing it undergoes strips it from being a vegetable. It is submerged in oil, sprinkled with salt, and dipped in sauces. According to scientific studies, fried foods clog our arteries that disrupts the circulation of blood and oxygen. The long-term effects of it include the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, affecting our cognitive functions.

Canned Tuna

Grabbing a canned tuna is probably one of the things you can be proud of when doing the grocery. Why? Because we perceive it as a healthier option compared to other canned goods. It’s healthier and won’t still cost us too much. We are not deconstructing the canned tuna, but it should not be consumed on a regular basis just because people see it as healthy. The fish that makes a tuna are usually yellowfish tuna, albacore, and bigeye. These kinds of fish actually have higher mercury content compared to others. Mercury is linked to a cognitive degradation so it’s best to consume it only twice a week, at most.

Soy Sauce

A meal is never complete with a soy sauce, especially in East Asian countries. Dipping your sushi in a soy sauce may bring many flavors, but it should be done in moderation. Taking a tablespoon of soy sauce, whether as a seasoning or purely a sauce, already exceeds the daily need of our body. The sodium content in soy sauce is too high that it has been linked to many diseases. Sodium has the power to block the blood flow going to the brain. This blockage can cause many cognitive impairments including loss of focus and memory. Opt for low-sodium sauces to have a somehow better alternative.

Ice Cream

Greek yogurt has high protein and probiotics that can help our overall health

A perfect day includes movies, comfortable bed, and a pint of ice cream. Whether you are consuming it as a reward or just a craving, you are already allowing a bad food enter your body. Ice cream has high sugar content and is also high in saturated fat. When these two combine, it becomes a stronger agent to clog arteries. This clogging will manifest as a decline in verbal memory and impairment of other cognitive skills in the long run. If you are craving for it and just can’t let it go, try for a healthier option. Greek yogurts or fruit smoothies will still give you that cool feeling without risking your brain from possible damage.

Bottom Line

As what the common saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. If you continue to consume unhealthy products, the more likely you are to become unhealthy and obese. Food awareness is not something that is not always accessible to us that is why we see ourselves buying the cheapest and most tasteful ones. One factor of this lack of awareness is also the price of good foods which are ten times more expensive than the rest.

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