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Here’s How Queen Elizabeth Deals With Jet Lag

England has been one of the most powerful continents around the world. When you hear people talking about the European power, then you are probably right if your mind goes to ‘England’.

Queen Elizabeth II taking a flight.

Ideally, no country without a ruler can thrive in orderliness, and no ruler at the head of such a reputable country as England should be unhealthy or eat poorly. The famous Queen Elizabeth II comes to mind at this juncture, right? So we will ‘majestically’ slide into the dietary life of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

For more than 60 years, the 91-year-old ‘Royal’ ruler has traveled far and wide, honoring invitations to grand occasions and events across the globe. However, she doesn’t look tired or ready to retire from going on board. As a matter of fact, Queen Elizabeth is still very strong to withstand circadian dysrhythmia otherwise known as jet lag.

Regardless of her age, traveling has become pass and parcel of Queen Elizabeth, always moving from one plane to another with short or no breaks at all. Despite the stress and digestive turmoils associated with airborne trips, she always comes down the plane steps all smiles, looking radiant and flawlessly vibrant to go into the waiting arms of her hosts.

Many journalists, political enthusiasts, world powers and her contemporaries in leadership have constantly marveled at her immunity against circadian dysrhythmia commonly affecting jet travelers. So how is she doing it? What is her secret?

‘Her Royal Majesty’ opened up on her diet plan which has proved effective over the decades. She deals in barley sugar.

Now that might sound strange, but truly, barley works like magic. See if you can also take a cue.

Barley sugar is extracted from cane sugar. When the cane sugar is placed on the cooker to boil, the body of barley water that gathers is scooped out and stored for safekeeping. People consume it as a remedy to detox and prevent indigestion. Most times, the water is mixed with tartar cream.

Different strokes for different people, you might say. People use several means to clear and prevent jet syndrome. Whatever works for you, stick to it. Nevertheless, the sugar that is ingrained in barley is doing wonders for the nonagenarian whenever she wants to take her flight.

Note that proper outline of meal plan with essential nutrients is crucial when an individual is about to fly. Flight sickness is common, no matter how accustomed you are to travel via air. It is important to watch the kind of food you eat if you don’t want the clock zone in your centralized system to be disorganized.

Barley Sugar

A diet specialist, blogger, and writer, Bonnie Taub-Dix, suggested that foods which are designed to generate the bulk of insulin are profitable in aiding your body to adapt to its internal time zone. Carbs and other related nutrients are best options when it comes to protecting yourself against jet lag.

Bonnie advised people to take almond butter combined with concentrated grain. As for the carbs, says Bonnie, they may not necessarily be barley sugar or other categories of sweeteners. Potatoes, baked cereal, oatmeal and concentrated grains are the best choices of carbs you should invest your time in eating. In case you have diabetes, she said, ensure to mix protein with the carbohydrates you want to consume. Also, you can chase away the uneasy feeling that comes with carbs intake while aboard by following the same principle of carbs plus protein.

For the queen, exploring diverse options to combat jet lag is wisdom. She makes use of good food and healthy cosmetics to be on top of her game anytime any day. Cyclax All Day Firming Lotion and Malvern Water are perfect for her airborne journeys. The Cyclax Lotion helps protects her face from ugly glow in scorching weather while Malvern water stabilized her digestive systems. This is important because of the varieties of cuisines that are being cooked for her every day. It has also been reported that she doesn’t like shellfish or garlic in her meals.

Apart from these dietary practices, a pint of liquor like gin is part of her daily drink routine. She loves alcohol because it boosts her aged body whenever she is in the air and coping with traveling disquietude.

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