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Here’s How TV Host-Actress Kelly Ripa Saved Andy Cohen’s Life from Melanoma

Radio and TV host Andy Cohen was an art opening for American socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper’s mom, when actress and TV host Kelly Ripa brought up something she noticed on Cohen’s face. It turned out to be a malignant melanoma.

This life-saving moment is something the 51-year-old Cohen has been thankful for over the years. He recently shared about what transpired that night and his next actions when he appeared as a guest on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show on SiriusXM last January 31, 2020.

Radio and TV host Andy Cohen is the host and executive producer his own late-night talk show on Bravo

The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host said that he bumped into Ripa and her husband, Riverdale star Mark Consuelos, during the event. It was then that the 49-year-old Live! with Kelly and Ryan co-host spotted a dot on his lip. He revealed that he already had that blemish for a while, but he didn’t put too much worry over it. However, Kelly thought the opposite.

Cohen said that Ripa asked him what was happening to his lip. She told him to have it checked as soon as possible because she thinks it is skin cancer. The late-night show host followed her advice and got an appointment with a doctor for a consultation. It was then found out that it was indeed malignant melanoma.

Andy Cohen (leftmost) bumped into Kelly and Mark during an art event

As per the Mayo Clinic, Melanoma is considered as the most serious of all types of cancer. It is also said that being exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight or lights in tanning machines can increase the risk of getting melanoma.

During his interview on the radio show, Cohen, whose forehead was covered with two large bandages at that time, revealed that he went under the knife to have the spot removed. He said that he had something removed from his face but didn’t disclose further details.

Since that health scare, he said that he has been extra mindful when he’s out under the sun. Aside from that, he has also been going to his dermatologist at least twice every year to have full-body checks for any sign of skin cancer.

Andy Cohen says that actress and TV host Kelly Ripa saved his life from skin cancer

To express his gratitude, Cohen made an appearance on Kelly’s talk show in 2017 to thank her for urging him to go see a doctor.

He should be extra careful especially now that he has become a first-time dad to a son named Benjamin Allen Cohen, who was born on February 2019. Just 9 months after his birth, the adorable baby Benjamin was named the Cutest Baby Alive by People magazine.

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