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No Pie for Mrs. Shepard! Kristen Bell Has Been Diagnosed with This Strange Disease

Do you love bagels? So does actress Kristen Bell. Unfortunately for her though, 2019 brought with it an end to her bagel consumption. How so? Well, one day in July, she woke up feeling not so good, and upon visiting a doctor, he gave her the shocking celiac disease diagnosis.

You’d be shocked too if you were diagnosed with celiac disease, knowing your love for wheat products

You must know a little about the condition but if you don’t, it is an immune reaction to the consumption of gluten, a protein found mostly in wheat, rye, and barley. The reaction is usually in the form of inflammation, with the side effects including diarrhea, bloating, passing wind frequently, and fatigue. In extreme cases, they can also include osteoporosis and anemia.

In Her Genes

Speaking to Women’s Health, the actress revealed that she went to a homeopathic professional, one known for their integration of both Western and Eastern medicine. The doctor would soon reveal that her genetic make-up exhibits a celiac disease marker, and the actress’ first reaction was that of disbelief while exclaiming that all she ever ate to that point was bagels.

Well, Bell sets the record straight by saying that it wasn’t like she ate bagels all day, every day, but she admits that before the diagnosis, they made up a significant portion of her diet. To say that the doctor’s statement was a piece of unpleasant news would be an understatement, given that the actress has to memorize lines for the show she’s currently on.

The Good Place is the show Bell is currently on

She thought that she couldn’t possibly do that while on a chicken-spinach diet, and if you’ve ever had to memorize lots of dialogue, then you know exactly what she’s talking about. Understandably, Bell was nervous to her very core.

In the spirit of finding the silver lining to every situation, the actress could rejoice in the fact that Dax Shepard, her husband, also suffers from arthritis (also an autoimmune condition) in addition to being gluten intolerant. In him, she would have someone who’s learned how to lead a gluten-free life, and as such, the transition wouldn’t be as difficult.

A Commitment

Despite their kids not being diagnosed with the disease, the partners have committed to keeping their home completely gluten-free. Bell may miss her bagels, but it is in her best interest to stay as far away from them as she possibly can.

While doing so, she is also on a new diet, one aimed at eliminating all the gluten that may be present in her body. The wholesome diet isn’t specific to the single protein though – it’ll clear all other unwanted food groups from the 39-year-old’s system. Bell admits that sticking to a gluten-free diet is quite annoying, but she has to get used to it now.

Most of your allergies presented when you were quite young, right? No wonder you’re probably shocked why Kristen Bell’s immune reaction took that long. According to her doctor though, there are some allergies that wait till you’re in your late 30s or early 40s, meaning that the 39-year-old’s case is nothing new.

She’s still going strong though, and you can check her out on The Good Place. Bell’s talent as an actress is undeniable, and not even being gluten intolerant will rob her of it.

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