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Police Officer Donates Liver To Save Ailing Baby

Angels come in different forms to bless little innocent babies, either in times of need or in times of joy. Such angels can be humans, and an example of an angel in this form is a police officer who blessed little Sloan James with his liver to save her life.

It all began in July 2017 when Chris James and Sarah James watched helplessly their 3-month-old baby fought with an abnormally big tummy and jaundice.

They took Sloan to one children’s health center in Boston, and when series of tests were carried out on her, she was discovered to be suffering from liver damage in its 4th level, as a result of a sickness that compels the bile ducts to be sealed off. This sickness is called ‘biliary atresia.’ The prescription recommended was a transplant of a liver to save Sloan’s life and the liver must be produced within two weeks of the discovery.

However, Sloan who is almost a year old girl is now a healthy survivor. The adorable, sweet girl always has a beautiful smile to offer everyone. Unbelievably, this was the same baby who was close to death while her dad and mum were deeply scared to lose her.

Part of little Sloan’s smile was her hero in shining armor, a cop who willingly sacrificed his liver to the poor girl to see her live.

In an interview with journalists, Sarah said that the experience taught her the spirit of positivity because when bad things are about to happen, one must be ready to accept them as one of those things.

Unfortunately, none of Sloan’s relations has a befitting liver. In a desperate attempt to make the baby girl live, the couple went online to plead for donors across the population of their followers. That was the beginning of good things as one policeman replied them with the positive offer.

Kind-hearted policeman saves the life of a baby girl.

The 40-year-old officer, Lt. Tenney, is based in New Hampshire. He heard of the James predicament through his wife and made up his mind to help. He is married with two children, but he wasn’t afraid to come to Sloan’s rescue even if his family may not approve.

However, Tenny didn’t even set his eyes on his beneficiary before giving out a part of his liver until two weeks later. He was very glad to come across Sloan in real life finally, and they became instant friends.

He believed that these fragile creatures deserve help.

The steps Tenny took before his liver was accepted was rigorous. He started by filling a survey form online courtesy one state-of-the-art medical center close to Burlington in Massachusetts. After that, he had to endure one week of a series of demanding tests which almost drained him physically and psychologically. This was done when his blood group was screened, and it was discovered to be a perfect fit for Sloan.

Finally, Tenny gave out a substantial portion of his liver on the 8th of September, 2017. The procedure was done at the same hospital where he was tested. The hospital, known as ‘Lahey Hospital’ placed the liver inside a vessel and sent it down over 22 miles away to the children’s health center where it would be used for the patient.

The medical personnel at the Boston hospital received the content immediately and went straight to the operating room with Sloan for the transplant surgery.

Sarah confessed that she and Chris could do nothing that day other than to pray for a successful surgery. She said that experience was an emotional one for her, watching helplessly as Sloan was wheeled into the operating room. It was hard and scary especially when you are not certain of what will be the end of everything.

Fortunately, their prayers were answered as they were told that the operation, which lasted throughout the day, went well. It was after two weeks of the surgery that both the benefactor and the beneficiary eventually met each other.

Officer Tenny admitted that he was quite uneasy when he was about to see her although he was equally happy. When he saw her, he felt elated. He described her as a wonderful bubbling girl.

Sloan’s mother was glad to see them together. She saw the vibrant spirit in Tenny who didn’t even look like someone who just dished out a chunk of his liver. Sloan and Tenny now share a tie that can never be broken.

9-month-old Sloan is back to a boisterous life. Her angel Tenny is to be thanked for his thoughtfulness.

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