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Porsha Williams Details the Heartbreaking Struggles She Endured During Pregnancy

TV personality Porsha Williams is glowing! And that’s saying a lot, considering that she just recently became a mom. Motherhood is doing her good, it seems. According to PEOPLE who interviewed her via phone call, her voice shines as brightly as the glow on her face.

Porsha Williams has been ready for motherhood for a long time

Pilar Jhena

And as she told the outlet, she is over the moon after the birth of Pilar Jhena, her firstborn daughter. The 37-year-old RHOA star still can’t believe that the little one is here, but she also says that Pilar is everything she had looked forward to for years ever since she started dreaming of being a parent.

Hopefully, Williams will do a great job at raising her kid with Dennis McKinley (her fiancé) at her side. We are absolutely confident that Pilar has found the best parents she could ever ask for in those two lovebirds. The baby already has a pet name, with her mom referring to her as PJ time and again.

The one month that mother and child have spent together has been a great one for both them, and you can bet that they are only laying the foundation to an awesome mother-daughter bond in the future.

And although there’s calm now, there was definitely a storm before PJ’s arrival. Much of it will be on RHOA’s spin-off, dedicated to Porsha’s pregnancy, her delivery, and how she’s raising PJ.

The spin-off series has already dropped its trailer, and just from a quick glance, you can see that, at times, tensions are high between the star and her fiancé, and between their mothers. Those who will keep up with the show will also get to have an in-depth look of PJ’s birth, which was anything but blissful.

The McKinleys are looking sharp


Pilar surprised everyone by coming a week earlier than when she was due, and she was delivered on 22nd March via CS.

According to Williams, the notion that people have about CS births being easier than normal delivery is nothing but a fallacy. As she put it, it is a whole mess of serious open surgery, and to put it plainly, it is difficult and costly.

Coupling it with the fact that the new mum now has to go through a serious downtime to heal while taking care of a newborn makes recovery an even more daunting task.

Having to take pain meds and have your body recover from all that shock is a lot, Williams says. Thankfully, she has been through all that hell but is back stronger. She’s doing great and she couldn’t be happier.

The couple is elated to grow their nest

However, she still recalls some of her earlier struggles, revealing that she didn’t produce enough milk for her baby daughter. For her, this was the most difficult part of being a new mom.

Before, she had thought that it would be as easy as putting her daughter on a formula, confessing that she was even nonchalant about the whole issue.

But when baby PJ came into the world, her whole attitude changed. She would look at her daughter and want to give her the best things in life, which for PJ at this time would be her mother’s milk.

But the fact that she couldn’t pump enough for her baby was hard-hitting. However, she’s now over it, fortunately, and her sole focus is on raising PJ right.

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