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Is It Possible To Get Infected With An Eye Worm?

One of the types of parasite that invades our body is worm and the most common parasite worm that infects our body is the tapeworm. It inhibits our digestive tract and it may cause the loss of appetite, experienced diarrhea, or extreme, sudden weight loss. Even though this type of disease is curable, what do you do if you start experiencing a rare parasite invading your body? This girl living in Oregon just discovered a rare medical condition that infects her eyes with worms. Let us uncover and know more about this rare, historic medical condition and how we can avoid getting infected with it.

The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Reported One Historic Case of Eye Worm Infection

In a case report published on Monday, Richard Bradbury, who was the team leader of the agency’s Parasite Diagnostic and biology Laboratory, reported a rare medical case of a girl named Abby Beckley, who was infected with eye worms. Richard claimed that so far, Abby is the 11th person recorded in throughout the history that had acquired this rare medical condition. She may even be the first person in North America that was reported with such eye worm condition since the 20th century. Let’s get to know about Abby and how she acquired such medical condition.

Richard Bradburry Explained Abby's Eye Worm Medical Condition

Richard Bradburry Explained Abby’s Eye Worm Medical Condition

Abby Beckley grew up in the ranches of Brookings, Oregon. That made her a fan of outdoors, cattle and horses. Because she loves to go outside and discover the world, she also build a passion and desire to travel the world. This prompts her in July 2016 to work as a cabin crew in a commercial salmon fishing boat bound for Craig, Alaska. This way, not only she got a job and earned a salary for a living, but also she was living her dream to travel. However, a couple of weeks later, she never thought that her dream would turn into a nightmare.

Abby Started Feeling the Peculiar Symptoms Weeks After Her Work

When the symptoms first appeared, Abby thought that it was just like a normal eye skin irritation. She remembered that her left eye was all red and irritated. Her eyelids were also droopy. However, she also started experiencing migraines, which was a rare occurrence for her. Only then did she started questioning what was going on with her? She’d endured the symptoms for five days before they finally returned to a port. Abby sought out a mirror to inspect her infected eye. Never did she expect she would find the culprit behind her eye irritation.

Abby Said The Doctors Were Skeptical To Diagnose Her First

Abby Said The Doctors Were Skeptical To Diagnose Her First

She first noticed that the skin around her infected eye looked weird. It prompts her to put her fingers on it and massage it in a plucking motion. Only to find out a worm came out of it! After recovering from the shock, Abby started suspecting that the unidentified worm may have to be a salmon worm. That’s why she started looking up for similar cases, but was appalled to found none. She attempted to visit several doctors and ophthalmologists but found all her efforts were in vain. The doctors didn’t have enough knowledge to diagnose her. At that time, she also pulled out another eye worm from her eye.

This Prompts Abby and Her Family to Have Her Admitted and Diagnosed in Oregon Health and Science University.

Abby Discovered an Eye Worm Around Her Eyes

Abby Discovered an Eye Worm Around Her Eyes

Worried about her medical condition, her family prompt Abby to go to Portland to get diagnosed. Abby shared how the doctors were skeptical to diagnose her at first, assessing whether or not she’s telling the truth. That’s why they waited for some time before Abby gave the go signal that the worms are moving, and the doctors should pull it out right away in order to gather the evidence. Some of the worms were sent to CDC for identification, while some undertake a flushing protocol in order to get rid the worm off Abby’s eye. But even this method was deemed unsuccessful.

The Doctors are Now Trying to Study on How to Treat This Medical Mystery

Cases of eye worms were only common to livestock like dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, goats, and other wild animals such as wolves and foxes. The veterans normally treat this parasitic eye worm with an anti-parasitic drug ivermectin. But since it’s not tested on humans yet, they won’t be able to treat Abby’s case. Moreover, they likely assured Abby that it won’t escalate into more complicated health issue since Abby can remove the worms from her eyes easily. However, medical experts are now working hard in order to treat this medical mystery and help Abby.

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