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Robbie Williams Once Had to Spend a Week in ICU Due to This Scary Condition

Robbie Williams burst onto the stage thanks to the Take That pop group, but he became more of a household name when he decided to go solo in 1997.

Since then, the English singer has enjoyed great critical and commercial success thanks to his exploits, and he is currently up there with the very best in the world of entertainment.

Robbie’s latest album, The Christmas Present, just moved to the top spot in the UK charts, taking his tally of the most successful solo albums in the UK to 13.

This is in itself a significant achievement, but the fact that he now shares the record with Elvis Presley takes it to a whole other level. Talk of the perfect icing on the cake!

Robbie Williams is in elite company, equaling Elvis Presley’s record

Down Memory Lane

Taking a trip down memory lane though, did you know that back in 2017, a serious medical condition could have robbed us of this shining star?

In September that year, the singer-songwriter had to cancel his world tour, thanks to a brain condition that had him in the ICU for a whole week.

Robbie started feeling ill while at a Zurich stadium, moments before he was to perform. Recalling the ordeal while speaking to The Sun, the man said that his left arm suddenly went numb, and his lips started twitching uncontrollably at one end of the mouth. A headache soon followed, accompanied by difficulty breathing.

As they waited for a doctor though, it was decided that the concert had to go on. Unfortunately, Robbie was too ill to put on a show and asked to be flown to London for emergency medical tests.

The singer had to cancel his tour, requesting to be flown to London for medical tests

Explaining what happened after his arrival at the UK capital, the singer revealed that several blood tests were done, and his heart and brain were also scanned, revealing some abnormalities.

In his brain, the medical professionals found what they considered to be traces of blood, and deeming the situation critical, sent Robbie straight to the intensive care unit.

Thankfully, he was only in the ICU for seven days, and he went on to recover fully at home. The ordeal, however, had left its mark on Williams, albeit a positive one.

Leading a Healthy Life

The 45-year-old decided to take up healthy feeding habits, admitting that he’s vegan and that he exercises every single day, doing Pilates and yoga. All the same, he confesses that he has a cheat day, and that’s on Sundays where he enjoys a huge burger.

Having a cheat meal doesn’t mean that he doesn’t look after himself, and he confirms as much. That one burger keeps his meat demons at bay, and as the singer puts it, he is looking after himself and he is much, much better now.

He is looking after himself and he is much, much better now

Hearing Robbie speak positively about himself is a huge step for him, being a man that has battled a myriad of issues his entire life, among them being obesity, lack of self-esteem, and addiction.

Speaking to The Sun on another occasion, Robbie Williams has also confessed to having mental health issues and being suicidal when left alone.

As he put it, he’s got a disease inside himself that wants to be the death of him. Fortunately, being on stage helps him deal with these issues.

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