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Scientists Say Your Bones May Hold The Secret To Weight Loss

People keep on looking and trying on new ways and diets to be able to achieve their ideal bodies. However, scientists just recently found that a new mechanism that says how the skeletal system of the human body could influence its own weight. This is known to the gravitostat, wherein it can be found within the bones that may also help you lose a couple of pounds, continue reading to find out more.


It has been more than 20 years when leptin was discovered. Leptin is known to be one of the things that helps the body regulate body fat and help treats obesity. Sahlgrenska Academy’s Professor John-Olov said they may have found something that could help the body’s very own internal bathroom scale. This is when the body’s weight would start to register in the lower extremities and as the weight increases, there will be a signal that will be sent into the brain wherein it would say how the body needs to decrease its food intake to be able to keep the weight or to prevent the body to gain weight.

The research team then had to perform a series of experiments in animals such as on rats and mice for them to analyze this conclusion. In the experiment, they put an implant into the rats that serve as their weight capsule that made them 15 percent heavier, whereas mice were implanted with only 3 percent so they could see the difference. The experiment turned out to be a success since the rats who have additional body weight reduced their food intake. Due to the dietary changes, the body fat as well as the blood glucose levels improved. Leptin can’t be produced by a mouse, which was why it wasn’t the one that helps them lose the weight that was put on to them, and that proved the existence as well as the ability that the newly found mechanism has.


Experts believe that the body weight of a person who does not have any illness involving his or her weight, is controlled by a complex neuroendocrine feedback system, wherein the has the power to control the body and defend it against weight loss as well as excessive weight gain. Which is why a therapist from New York, Kathryn Smerling believes that a person’s mindset would always affect their body’s weight since people can’t simply correct their physical being, such as trying to lose weight, if they don’t correct themselves mentally first.

Nutritionists and dietitians say that one of the keys to losing weight effectively is to be disciplined and stay motivated, which means that they have to focus on what they are thinking in order for their body to start doing what the mind tells them to do. Obsessing with results as well as focusing on quick weight loss using shortcuts on diet and exercise is something that may not be considered as healthy. Dr. Kevin Campbell believes that when a person has this type of thinking, wherein they basically choose to think of negative thoughts and fast results, it could definitely be very destructive. Weight loss is a process that involves having a better health so you could live a longer and a happier life by being able to do the things that you want to do without worrying about your health because of not doing the proper diet.

A study was conducted in 2015 and was published in the International Journal of Obesity, wherein they found that people who are dissatisfied with their bodies are the ones who are most likely to avoid exercise. This is because experts believe that a person’s actions are based in their core identity as well as how they see themselves. The stress hormone known as the cortisol, increased the distribution of fat in the abdomen area because of the adrenal gland that secrets whenever a perk would stress out or get worried about much they weigh or when they are weighing themselves on the bathroom scale. Which is why experts believes that the mind has the power to help the body lose weight and not just the leptin or gravitostat.

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