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Travis Scott’s Reason for Canceling Concert Has Fans Worried!

Tickets for the Astroworld: Wish You Were Here concert set for February 28 in Buffalo, NY, have long been sold out, a true testament to how eager Travis Scott’s fans were to see him spit his verses live on stage. The second wave of his North American tour has been steadily gaining momentum, and Buffalo fans could certainly not wait for their turn. Unfortunately for them, their star was a no-show.

Travis Scott performing at the 2019 edition of the Grammy Awards

Taken Ill

Barely hours before he was set to hit the stage, Scott took to social media to announce that he was feeling a bit under the weather and, therefore, wouldn’t make it to give his fans the performance for which they had been impatiently waiting for.

Nevertheless, folks from Buffalo will get to witness Scott at the peak of his health on March 10, the rescheduled concert date. The artist emphasized that tickets for the February show were all valid for the concert in March.

Cheating allegations

Understandably, fans got worried about the rapper’s health after he abruptly cancelled his concert. However, reports from TMZ claimed that Scott was not sick. Instead, he was back home in Los Angeles mending fences with his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner for Forbes

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had accused her boyfriend of cheating a day before the Buffalo concert, fueling speculations that trying to prove his innocence was the real reason Travis canceled his show. Scott denies ever cheating on Jenner, and his rep emphasizes that the rapper has never been unfaithful, and neither have the couple ever fought over cheating allegations.

Scott with girlfriend Kylie

Scott’s alleged unfaithfulness comes at a difficult time for Kylie, who is still coming to terms with similar news concerning her best friend, Jordyn Woods. Purportedly, Woods cheated with Kylie’s elder sister Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. According to a source close the Kardashians, the family is all but done with Jordyn. Thompson is not lucky either, with Kylie going to the extent of unfollowing him on Instagram.

While Kylie may be devastated and feeling let down by her best friend, sources say that the situation is a tad more difficult than what we may comprehend. By losing Woods, Jenner has supposedly lost a crucial part of her world. For Jordyn to betray her and her family’s trust like that is unfathomable anguish for the mother-of-one.

Their friendship had been steady and reliable, with the two being best friends since their middle school years. Woods had even moved in with Jenner for a while, though she eventually moved out after the scandal broke. When Jenner needed a vacation, Jordyn had always been by her side. In a way, she was even a second mom to Kylie’s daughter Stormi Webster, since she was always around to offer a helping hand in raising her.

Back in 2017, Kylie and Jordyn had a commitment ceremony to cast their friendship in stone seemingly. As it stands, the “marriage” is now moot, with Jordyn’s breach of trust rendering it so.

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