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Have an Upset Stomach? These are The Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now!

When the stomach is upset, there is nothing it will accept. There are many different reasons why the stomach stops functioning properly, ranging from temporary issues such as a bug to more serious ones like IBS.

In such a condition, it is imperative that you consume a diet that is appropriate, otherwise, your stomach is not going to digest it properly, creating space for a possible nutritional deficiency in your body.

Having stomach issues can disrupt your entire daily routine

Every food is different when it comes to the way our body digests it. While some foods are easily digestible, others take more of an effort, something that an upset stomach simply cannot accommodate. That is why it is imperative for you to consume only easily digestible foods whenever you are experiencing problems with your digestive system.

Say No To Fiber

By this, we mean white bread as well as white rice, both of which are often substituted for their healthier brown alternatives by many people. While it may seem like whole-wheat bread is much easier for the stomach to digest, it is actually more difficult compared to white bread as it contains fiber.

As part of your regular diet, when everything in your body is working fine, a whole-grain variant of any food should definitely be preferred as it can leave you feeling satiated for a longer period of time, thereby reducing your overall food intake and helping you achieve your weight goals.

But since it takes some effort for our stomach to digest fiber, perhaps it would be best to stay away from such fiber-rich foods especially when the stomach is fighting its own battles.

Whole grain products have a lot of fiber and hence are difficult for the stomach to digest

Some more foods which are excellent for a compromised stomach are saltine crackers and pretzels, the former because they can help you rehydrate and the latter because it is a gentle snack but only as long as it is made from white flour.

Have A Juicy Watermelon

When it is upset, our stomach loves ingesting as many fluids as possible, partly because it’s easier to do, and also because our body starts dehydrating as our system is not efficiently absorbing water content.

That is why fruits like watermelon offer an excellent food source to fill up the tummy, especially when the stomach is distressed because they help us feel full, are easy to digest due to practically zero fiber in them, and also provide an abundance of water content.

If you would rather have a vegetable alternative to watermelon, consider having a cucumber, although make sure you eat them only after taking off the skin.

Since watermelon is a seasonal fruit available in late spring, you should find similar water-based foods to supplement your diet whenever your stomach gets disturbed

Some Protein

You need to consume protein on a daily basis if you want to maintain good health, and during times of stomach sensitivity, it is best if you eat proteins that are low in fat, which includes chicken, fish, and also turkey. Make sure you keep the meal as low in fat as possible, which means that you should not be frying it up, rather consider baking it with a little olive oil.

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