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Want to Dissolve the Stones in Your Kidney? This Remedy Works!

You may have tried many remedies which are highlighted on the internet as having a great success rate, however the realization must’ve hit you that they are not as effective as they were claimed to be.

This is not because the internet is not a reliable source of information, but also due to the popularity that these remedies have gathered over the years which has gained them some credibility among medical sites on the internet.

However, four treatments emerge rather frequently, so let’s discuss them in some detail. We must warn you though, only one of these treatments is actually effective in achieving its goal.

Olive Oil Mixed in Lemon Juice

Although this remedy does not promise to dissolve the stones in your kidneys, it does claim to help in their passage. The recipe calls for lemon juice mixed with olive oil, both five ounces each in quantity.

You are supposed to drink this concoction every day right after waking up and also during the late afternoon time. A glass of water must follow after every dose, and you must make sure you drink plenty of water to neutralize the acidic effect of the lemon juice.

Although olive oil and lemon juice remedy does not promise to dissolve the stones in your kidneys, it does claim to help in their passage

Theoretically, this method is supposed to work, as the lemon juice is expected to break down the stones while the olive oil is supposed to lubricate and make the passage of stones easier.

However, the success rate of this remedy is not promising, and considering the risks, such as erosion of tooth enamel as well as developing ulcers, it’s simply not worth it.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The reason why Apple Cider Vinegar has gained traction as a credible solution to kidney stones is because it is also very acidic and is expected to destroy kidney stones just like lemon juice.

However, it is also thought to prevent the formation of kidney stones in the first place, and that expectation has arisen due to its innate alkalizing properties as well as its ability to promote the production of hydrochloric acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar, through its acidic nature and alkalizing properties, helps in the destruction and easy passage of kidney stones

The remedy calls for two tablespoons of the vinegar mixed in around seven ounces of water to be consumed in proportionate quantities throughout the day.

Water consumption needs to be increased with this remedy as well since consumption of this liquid will cause the body acidity levels to dramatically increase. This method, too, has not been very successful in getting rid of kidney stones.

Consuming Coke with Asparagus

The theory states that if a large quantity of coke is consumed, followed by a healthy serving of pureed asparagus (at least half a pound), then the combination of the two will eliminate kidney stones.

This supposedly happens as the coke provides phosphoric acid necessary to break down kidney stones, while the asparagus is meant to act as a diuretic to counter the dehydrating impact of the phosphoric acid, allowing the stones to disintegrate and pass through the urine with absolute ease.

It would’ve been great if this was true, however this theory doesn’t hold much weight either. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, the coke actually worsens the kidney stone issue rather than improving it.

So Which Remedy is Successful?

By now you may have started to wonder whether home remedies are effective at all, Luckily, there is one remedy which has shown promising results.

The Chanca Piedra of Lab Grade

This is one home remedy which has consistently shown promising results. The Chanca Piedra is a herbal remedy which, after testing in labs, has shown to help the breakage and dissolution of kidney stones, helping their passage through the urine.

The herb also helps with the pain associated with having kidney stones, as was shown in lab tests back in 2002. It also showed positive results in hampering the creation of more stones in the kidney. The process is simple too. All you have to do is consume 400mg of Chanca Piedra right after waking up in the morning, and also one at night until the kidney stones have exited your system.

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