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Whale Hunters in Japan Commit One of the Worst Massacres in History


A shocking news report revealed last week that whale hunters in Japan slaughtered 122 pregnant whales captured in the name of scientific investigations, but the horrifying truth behind the secret practice of whale hunting, has been revealed by International Whaling Commission, and it will leave you shocked.

A news report revealed last week that Japanese whale hunters killed 122 pregnant minke whales after capturing them for scientific purposes

122 Minke Whales Killed

Captured in the name of science but sold illegally in the meat industry – this is the story of minke whales that are secretly being hunted and killed in Japan after being taken for research purposes and then supplied to whale meat traders. A shocking story of senseless animal slaughter that emerged last week revealed that 122 pregnant minke whales had been killed in Japan by whale hunters.

The story was confirmed by an International Whaling Commission report, which said that 333 minke whales, including 122 males and 128 pregnant females, were captured during 2018 summer expedition season. The slaughter stirred outrage among animal rights and environmental groups, which are now increasing pressure on Japanese government to take action against whale hunters.

Although minke whales are considered the safest under the list of endangered species, their population has declined significantly since the 1980’s, according to a report by the Whaling Commission. Although scientists haven’t been able to establish a link between whale hunting and their slow population decrease, they believe that other environmental factors like climate and competition for food could also be a few of the likely causes.

The Whaling commission has reported that minke whale population has declined considerably over the past few decades

Breaking the Highest Law

Although commercial whaling has been considered illegal in Japan for the past three decades since the introduction of the whaling moratorium, the country has found a way to keep its whale meat trade alive by exploiting the science research sector which has been exempted from the whale hunting rule. Although the popularity of whale meat in Japan’s commercial industry has declined considerably over the past years, the animal food trade is still a profitable venue for whale hunters to sell their kill for a good price.

There have been unverified news reports claiming that the whales in Japan are killed off intentionally to reduce fishing competition which explains why whale hunters check their stomachs after killing them to see what they have eaten.

International communities have warned Japan several times in the past that it is breaking the law declared by International Court of Justice in 2014, according to which the Jarpa II program and commercial whaling in Japan are highly illegal. But instead of heeding to the warnings, Japan continues to ignore the law and is instead withdrawing itself from the ICJ’s jurisdiction set on whaling and continuing its illegal hunting activities.

Now, the most recent report of pregnant whale hunting in Japan has stirred a new round of condemnation from the international community due to the cold-bloodedness of the act, which is considered inhumane by even the most avid hunters.

Over the past, Japanese science agencies have captured pregnant whales without explaining why they are needed for ‘scientific researches’. The recent incident of mass whale slaughter simple highlights the barbaric hunting practices in Japan which don’t even adhere to lowest standards of preserving animals and wildlife.

International community has warned Japan several times in the past that it is breaking ICJ’s 2014 law which forbids it from hunting whales

An International Effort to End Whaling

Most animal rights advocates like Alexia Wellbelove are looking towards pro-conservation nations like Australia to interfere in the country’s hunting practices and stop its illegal whaling programs. Australia has made several efforts in the past to protect wildlife in Japan from being hunted into extinction. The Australian government was the driving force behind ICJ’s anti-whaling laws and is constantly monitoring Japan’s whaling sea vessels.

In response to the shocking report, the Australian environment minister said that his country has done everything in its power to end whaling in Japan and it will continue its efforts in the future despite the recent setback. Political pressure may be the answer to Japan’s whaling problem but unfortunately, there aren’t enough countries joining Australia in its preservation efforts. Although US and UK have both condemned Japan’s actions, the two nations haven’t taken any action to prevent such incidents in the future.

But the real change can come only if Japan itself decides to take action and the people collectively force their government to create strict anti-whaling laws. It has scientifically proven that whales are some of the most intelligent creatures on this planet, and, killing them cold-bloodedly is an inhumane practice that must end immediately.

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