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Blemish on Woman’s Face Mistaken as a Pimple Turned Out to Be Skin Cancer

The Skin is a major part of our bodies; it serves as the covering layers of our physique, which conceal the delicate organs inside. Two most prominent parts of our skin are the epidermis; the outer layer while the second part is the underlying tissue known as the dermis. Caring for our skin require a lot of sacrifices and a constant visit to the dermatologists.

As important as the skin is, sadly, persistent infections and diseases always scorch it. That is the reason we need to be alert and conscious of any strange changes in our skin appearance. Dermatologists always put out the warning that people should do regular checkup if they observe a usual naevus on any part of their bodies, arms, legs or faces. In such cases, they should take the next cab as soon as possible and go straight to their dermatologists for a thorough examination.

Or how else would you easily detect a very faint signal of skin cancer and a basal cell carcinoma cancer at that? This is an unsettling account shared by 40-year-old Keely Jones, owner of a beauty company based in North Carolina. She posted some scary pictures of the single sign that she has basal cell carcinoma, a reddish freckle that resembles a poignant pimple.

She put up the pictures on 14th November on her social media handle and explained it with a caption, that talked about how she was reluctant to post the pictures online, because they were unpleasant to see, but  she urged people to bear with her because her intention was to create awareness about what was on her skin.

She indicated a tiny spot on the first picture and explained that it is the only visible sign on the outside of her skin. The beautypreneur gave ample details of her diagnosis and medications in an emotional post she wrote on her Facebook wall this month. Painfully, she explained, it was shocking to discover more skin cancer cells hidden underneath the facade of her skin; this means that she’ll require three operations to eliminate them all.

Keely’s attention was drawn to the mark that resembled a pimple on her face when she had a facial treatment. One keen beautician was the first to spot the anomaly in the form of a reddish spot on Keely’s face and advised her to consult a dermatologist, Keely narrated. She said that her face was normally blemished free before the unpleasant discovery, so this made her doubtful. Keely continued to toy with her ‘strange freckle’ which, according to her, she believed was a pest. She would pluck it out, but the aftermath was odd because it would be scarred and bleeding.

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reported that the most popular type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma and part of its unique symptoms is growing in areas of the skin that are more exposed to the sun, the neck, head, and back of the hands. One of the signs to watch out for is the strange dots turning pinkish or hiding under the color of the skin, which may make early detection difficult. Another trace one can notice the shiny or scale-like appearance. The basal cell can either be waxy or might discharge and even bleed.

But basal cell carcinoma doesn’t act like a pimple or a freckle, even though they look alike. This was confirmed by Ariel Ostad, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University. Ariel further painted a scenario of a pimple that disappears and reappears. Don’t ignore a spot that keeps changing appearance, developing, or oozing blood. Visit a dermatologist quickly.

AAD added the good news that basal cell carcinoma could be treated easily if the carrier detects it on time. However, negligence can make it expand to other parts of the skin, causing severe damage to the tissues and bones.

Keely has not been an ardent user of tanning beds, and she always runs away from the sun. She decided to create awareness campaign with her graphic photos. Her Facebook post went on to motivate the general public always to visit their dermatologists and be checked. She ended the message by admonishing her followers to make regular skin care check up a habit, and there is an urgent need for them to start right away.

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