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5 Things Therapists Wants You to Know That Will Change How You Think About Therapy

There are a lot of misconceptions where mental health is concerned, and the stigma that surrounds such conditions may keep people suffering in silence.

And although a recent survey shows that 1 in 4 Americans have been to a mental health professional, the one constant among all of these individuals is that they have other family members seeing a therapist.

Those who don’t know of any loved one seeing a professional are less likely to see one themselves, reason being that they may not understand the importance or gravity of it.

Mental health experts have expressed their frustration at these misconceptions, and have shared some of the things they wish everyone knew concerning therapy.

Therapy Does Not Mean You’re Weak

Has anyone ever labeled anyone weak because they went in to see a dentist? Then why are those who seek professional help for their mental health conditions labeled so?

Therapists admit that their clients are not accorded the same respect, with them being stigmatized as being weak. However, people who seek such kind of help could just be the strongest folks we have around.

It takes strength to admit that you need help

You do agree that it takes some considerable amount of strength to admit that you need help, right?

Therapy Comes in Different Types

When you think about therapy, the thing that comes to mind has got to be sitting on a couch, talking to someone about a trauma you’ve experienced in the past.

If you don’t want to relive these memories, worry not – you’ve got options. Solution-focused therapy focuses on moving forward, irrespective of whatever skeletons may be present in your closet.

Another option is the cognitive behavioral approach, and many others do exist. Before committing yourself to a professional, inquire on what method they use, and see whether that fits what you want.

Find the Best Professional for You

Probably more important than their approach of choice is whether a therapist perfectly meets your needs. Are you comfortable enough to open up to them? Better yet, do you trust them?

If the answer to either question is a no, then these therapy sessions would deliver the expected result. Existing research shows that up to 93% of clients lie during therapy, beating the reason why they are there in the first place.

Find the best professional for you

If you therapist-client relationship isn’t clicking into place, you have the liberty to fire them whenever you feel like it. Don’t worry about offending them; therapists get fired often, and being the professionals that they are, they understand when they aren’t the best fit for a client’s needs.

Online Therapy

If being in a small room with a therapist scares you to death, you don’t have to do it. The internet has overly simplified most aspects of our lives, and therapy hasn’t been left behind either.

You can acquire a therapist’s services online thanks to apps such as Talkspace and BetterHelp, and you can either talk to these professionals via text or via video sessions.

There’s also the option of remaining completely anonymous, where you can chat with your therapist under a nickname.

Therapy Doesn’t Have to Last Ages

You don’t have to do this forever. Short-term options are available

We all have this notion that one sees a “shrink” indefinitely. However, that’s hardly true. There are short-term therapy options, with some of them being as short as less than 8 sit-downs. Sounds totally plausible, don’t you think?

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