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Ariana Grande’s Brain Scans Show Her PTSD Is Far More Serious Than We Thought!

The effects of the unfortunate Manchester Arena 2017 terror attack live on, almost two years after the incident. People lost their lives, scores were wounded, and many have to live with the psychological trauma that came with the attack for the rest of their lives.

Seeing as the bombing happened immediately after an Ariana Grande concert, the artist is most probably the hardest hit in terms of mental damage after the unfortunate event.

She could be blaming herself for the messy affair, probably thinking that the bombing wouldn’t have happened had she not planned the show. Who can fault her though? We tend to blame ourselves for things even way beyond our control.

Ariana Grande performing at the Manchester Arena in honor of the 22nd May 2017 tragedy

Mental Health

Ever since the distressing bombing, Ariana has been open about her mental health issues, in addition to raising awareness about the importance of psychological well-being.

And recently, the star has taken a detour from posting fun stuff on Instagram and has instead shared an image of brain scans, going back to her mental health talks. The photo shows the scans side by side, one showing a healthy brain, and the other one showing a brain affected by PTSD.

Ariana reveals that these are indeed her brain scans, with the PTSD-affected one having a number of highlighted areas.

This is, without a doubt, a source of concern for her fans, since it shows that her condition is progressing instead of improving. The image is by far worse than the previous brain scan she has shared a while back.

Ariana posted a photo of her scary brain scan on Instagram

According to the 25-year-old, her levels of PTSD are somewhat funny and terrifying at the same time. Though we may not know exactly why Ariana had her scan taken, her move to share the results show us the physical effects of trauma on the brain.

Laying Everything Bare

Last year, the artist gave her most candid interview yet, laying herself bare on how stressful it had been living with constant anxiety and other PTSD symptoms till then.

The songstress confessed that she hated admitting to her issues, but she could no longer continue denying that her constant dizziness and frequent panic attacks were signs of a more complex problem.

In the interview, she also highlighted how difficult it usually is for her to talk about the Manchester terror attack, saying that she never wants to open the wounds of those who suffered loss during the unfortunate attack.

Ariana performing in Manchester just before the horrifying terror attack of 2017

According to her, talking about her own experience is painful enough, she can only imagine how bad it must be for all those who were directly affected by the act of terrorism.

And each time the songstress talks about it, she breaks down. She admitted that she’s not sure when she’ll ever make it to talk about the incident without shedding a tear.

On 22nd May this year, the United Kingdom and indeed the world will commemorate the victims of the Manchester bombing, praying for an end to terrorism.

A theme that will also feature heavily on the day is that such acts are not religiously driven, and we should all be united as citizens of the world, despite our views and beliefs.

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