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Bella Hadid Is Battling This Serious Mental Illness and Here Are the Lessons She Has Learned So Far

American model Bella Hadid celebrated her 23rd birthday on October 9, taking her festivities to New York City’s L’Avenue at Saks. Accompanied by her siblings Gigi and Anwar, the 23-year-old marked her milestone in style.

The Hadid siblings, minus Bella

The following day happened to be World Health Mental Day, a fact that was not lost on the model. Taking to Instagram on October 11 to thank her followers for all the birthday wishes they sent her way, she referenced the day set aside for mental health awareness, citing that mental health issues are conditions that most of us have had to deal with or are currently battling.


She went on to say that if you’ve been lucky enough to be free from such issues, you are not in the dark about them, as you most certainly know someone who has been afflicted. What people who haven’t kept up with her may not have seen coming was the admission that Hadid herself has been struggling with mental health issues for quite some time, but she was quick to let everyone know that they don’t eat her up as much as they used to before.

Proving to be an open book, the model went on to reveal that she still has some tough days, but she is more than proud and grateful to herself for all the progress she has made. Just by her post, you could tell that she’s heading into her 23rd year a strong-willed lady, one who isn’t ready to let anyone or anything tear her down.

If you’re a fan, then you know that it has been a year since Hadid admitted to battling social anxiety. The revelation came via Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid, her mother’s show. In her recent post, Hadid said that her loved ones have been instrumental in helping her get through all the tough times.

The model made the revelation while on her mom’s show

She went on to thank them, saying that she’d still have been in a dark place were it not for them. In all honesty, individuals battling mental health issues find it difficult to open up, no wonder psychologists urge loved ones to initiate the conversation if they suspect anything.

Wisdom in Spades

For a 23-year-old, model Hadid is quite wise, going as far as cautioning her more than 26 million followers against being misled by what they see online. As she put it, there’s nothing as misleading as social media, and she’d want her fans to shield themselves from the societal pressures that it brings. According to Hadid, portraying a happy online life while being miserable IRL is senseless.

True fans know that it wasn’t the excitement surrounding her birthday that brought about Hadid’s candid nature. Back in 2013, the model was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, although this information wasn’t in the public domain till 2015. Speaking to Vogue last year, the model admitted that the diagnosis affected both her physical and mental health.

Gigi Hadid is also fighting the good fight

And when it comes to speaking out about the ills of social media, Bella isn’t the only one in her family fighting the good fight. Sometime last year, her elder sister Gigi was spotted with a phone case inscribed with the message that social media is harmful to mental health.

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