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Kate Middleton is Using Her Capacity as Duchess for This INCREDIBLE Cause

Creating awareness on matters mental health among the youth has always been at the heart of Kate Middleton’s career. Becoming a Duchess gave her the perfect platform to continue championing for her cause, and her efforts are already bearing noticeable fruit.

Just a few days ago, Kate visited the Anna Freud Centre, checking on the new facilities she played an active role in putting up. Thanks to Kate, the Centre can now boast of new amenities in their Kantor Excellence Centre.

Only if everyone could be as happy as Kate Middleton

As Peter Fonagy, Anna Freud’s CEO, put it, Kate was over the moon after seeing the facilities. The CEO acknowledged her input throughout their journey and stated that she was relieved that everything had worked out so well. According to Fonagy, the building is so comfortable that it doesn’t feel like an institution; it feels like a home.

Under One Roof

The Kantor Excellence Center will bring together trusted professionals in neuroscience, child development, social care, mental health, education, and research, who will help the youth along with their families.

By having all these parties under one roof, the expectation is that the provision of mental health care will be transformed, both for the patients and for their families.

Admittedly, the Duchess has put a lot of work into this project, and has even held a fundraiser towards her cause. The support that she has provided for this Centre is undeniable.

Fonagy could never run short of praises and words to describe Her Royal Highness even if he wanted to. He says that Kate is the voice of so many families dealing with the challenges brought on by mental health issues, and her continuous support is empowering communities around the nation.

The Duchess arriving at Anna Freud

A Symbol of Hope

According to the CEO, any mental health issue can tremendously affect an individual. The sufferer stagnates at one place, feeling as though no one in the world cares.

But when someone is continuously there for you, and that someone just so happens to be a leader in your country, and consequently a symbol of hope, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

This is what Kate Middleton is for so many in the UK – a symbol of hope. She speaks for and about those plagued by mental health challenges and just by doing that, she makes a lot of difference.

There’s always a smile on her face

On the 1st of this month, the Duchess hosted a reception for everyone who has actively walked the talk with her in setting up the Excellence Centre.

With this group, she hopes to work hand in hand with Anna Freud to bring in more agencies that can provide invaluable input on the good work they’ve already started, and help out children along with their families in tackling mental illnesses.

Amy Herring, one of those who have been at Anna Freud for a while now, says that Kate Middleton is such an inspiration.

The 22-year-old admits that the Duchess really understands mental health issues, and the two have had conversations about depression and anxiety, which Herring has been battling for ages.

As she says, Kate gets it. She knows how it feels to feel misunderstood, and that’s why she’s best suited to champion this cause.

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